The IRS: Running state of the art from 1962

What a freaking disaster. I live in small business land, and all I hear from big business land is that no large IT project ever works.

Assuming this wasn’t an April Fools joke (1st April ?) …

They need to send Tron 2.0 in to clean up that Master File … :wink:

Yet the system still runs code from 1962, written in an archaic programming language almost no one alive understands.

I wonder what it is. I would have thought it would be COBOL, which plenty of people still understand, but I guess not.

For a system that dates back to 1962, it may be some form of lower level language that is a slight cut above assembler. In one of my past jobs, oh so many years ago, I had to write a replacement of an ancient system that was still running on punch cards and with the programs written in Autocoder. This would be common for systems of that era. Finding somebody with knowledge of some obscure language would be near impossible. They’d need to train on the spot.