The King's Daughter - Pierce Brosnan's delicious wig and a mermaid

Based on the novel The Moon and the Sun by Vonda N. McIntyre.

This took 8 years to get to the screen from its filming.

Filming began in 2014. It was originally going to be distributed by Paramount, then it went to China’s Kylin Films, then it got passed to Arclight Film, and now it’s being shat out by Gravitas Ventures. If you watch a lot of really bad indie horror movies, you’ll be familiar with Gravitas as the company that regularly snatches up student movies and sells them in bulk to streaming services.

Fun fact for celebrity hookup newshounds - this is the movie that introduced Kaya Scodelario to Pierce Brosnan.

Did those two have an affair?

Oh my. I’ve seen a ton of movies by Gravitas. 99% of what I’ve seen was pretty bad, but also often strangely compelling. I didn’t really seek them out or anything, though. I think Amazon must have signed an all-we-can-eat deal with them or something, and the movies just keep popping up for me when I’m in between other things and struggling to find something good.

That sounds like a good business model to me. Just by the law of averages, it seems that eventually you’d end up releasing something by the next Wes Craven or James Cameron …

(Looks up Gravitas on IMDB)

… or maybe not.

I learned from this review that this book beat the original Game of Thrones for the best Novel Nebula award for the 97 Nebula Awards.

I think you mean Benjamin Walker, not Pierce?

I liked the book quite a lot, but I read it around 1998 or so (as soon as it was translated to Spanish) so I don’t know if it would hold to my current tast.

Sorry! Yes, I meant Benjamin Walker.

Yeah I was confused about it being implied Pierce having an affair with his co-star. I see his name all over chumbox/clickbait articles on how faithful he is to his (formerly thin fashion model) wife who has gained some pounds in the past few years like it is some sort of amazing feat to stay faithful. Hugh Jackman has a non-famous older wife too or something is something else I’ve learned from this chumbox clickbait.

Same here. I don’t really follow that stuff, but from what I knew, I didn’t expect Pierce to have an affair. Sort of glad that wasn’t the case.