The Last Abortion Doctor

Really interesting Esquire profile of the last guy who specializes in late-term abortions now that they assassinated Tiller.

The patients can be upsetting too. They’re under terrible stress, of course, but sometimes they come in very angry. One had conjoined twins and would have died giving birth, but she exploded when he told her she couldn’t smoke in the office. And some treat him with contempt and disgust, usually the ones who have been directly involved in antiabortion activities. They hate all abortion except for their special case. One even said they should all be killed. Only fourteen, she came with her mother. What brings you here? he asked.

I have to have an abortion. Why? I’m not old enough to have a baby. But you told the counselor we should all be killed? Yes, you should all be killed. Why? Because you do abortions. Me too? Yes, you should be killed too. Do you want me killed before or after I do your abortion? Before.

Do you want me killed before or after I do your abortion? Before.

Jesus Tapdancing Christ.

All the emphasis on late-term abortions always seemed a bit odd to me, like there’s this horde of women who get eight months into their pregnancy and then suddenly decide they don’t want the baby after all and there’s a stampede of doctors all anxious to be the one to stab it in the head. Or maybe I’ve been reading too many political cartoon threads… Anyway, this article does help put it in a bit more perspective, if he’s indeed the last doctor who does them and even then only for fetal disorders.

But the writer of the article needs his italics taken away.

Interesting article, though I’ll have to finish it later. The italics don’t bother me, since he’s clearly using them to demarcate when he’s quoting from the doctor.

Really fascinating article. Thanks! I was absolultely not aware that there was only one guy left doing legal late-term abortions.

Technically he’s not the last one who’ll do it, but he’s the only one who specializes in it. I’m sure you can find someone, somewhere who’ll do it, but god knows if they’ll have any idea what they’re doing.

Technically he’s not the last one who’ll do it, but he’s the only one who specializes in it. I’m sure you can find someone, somewhere who’ll do it, but god knows if they’ll have any idea what they’re doing.

I couldn’t stop reading, fascinating article.

And his present tense.

Present tense is a sometimes treat.

Edit - I take that back; it’s not his tense that’s irritating. It’s his attempt to create a first person perspective. You know what? I’ve never talked to this doctor, so don’t tell me I have. Fuck you, Mr. Gimmicky Author.

(His full name is Mr. Gimmicky Chester Author, for those that are wondering.)

Sounds to me like a kid who’s being forced into having an abortion, most likely by a parent. Which is as much of an abomination as one who is forced into not having one.

So how are those parental notification laws treating you now right wingers?

I’m guessing that a good share of teens who get pregnant have parents that want them to get abortions.

It’s a great article, but apparently he was taught in journalism school not to use first person and decide on this instead and I agree. Gratingly annoying.

But that doesn’t change that it’s a good interview feature.

Yeah, that quoted kid is fucked up on so many levels. 14 year old abortion wingnut AND pregnant somehow AND her mom wants her to have an abortion AND not willing to put up such a fight her mom gives up AND wants the doctor dead but doesn’t want to kill herself too AND who the hell got her pregnant anyway?

When the article finished loading, I immediately knew I wouldn’t read the whole thing since it was 8 pages long. I read the whole thing and teared up several times. It was excellent.

Sure, but it’s only the kid who wants an abortion that face a legal requirement to tell her parents and get their consent, not the kid who wants to take her pregnancy to term.

It’d have to be a truly crazy set of circumstances where a parental notification law led to an abortion.

She got what she wanted, the doctor refused to perform the abortion after she wished for his violent death. There’s at least an outside chance she’s a supremely manipulative brat instead of a hormonal, conflicted, and angry jesus freak.

I agree on all points. I’m glad I forced myself through the horrible prose to read the content of the article.

As above, really. The right’s complicitness in the assasination of these doctors is terrible.

The Left’s complicitness in the murder of thousands of unborn children, particularly in cases such these late term aborations is even worse.

When one doctor dies, there is a huge outcry, soul searching on both sides, and a serious examination of the social, religious, and moral implications of such a killing. When another abortion is committed, silence. There is no outcry on the steady drumbeat of death taking place across America, 850,000 plus times in 2005, the most recent year on record.

Because all abortions are carried out by the left for the left and no one else. All of those abortions would’ve been of viable babies that were going to lead happy, christian lives and be proud member’s of God’s army! Why does the left hate God, puppies, each other, babies, me, you, America, and themselves so much?

Why, if there were no doctors, there’d be no abortions! Wait, what’re you doing with that hanger?

No, let’s take this line of thinking a little further… Perhaps, if there was no medicine, there’d be no disease, only the evils that prayer could expunge from the body. Yes, that works, let’s go with that.

I don’t want to read this, does he have a sense of humor about his situation