The Last Kingdom BBC series, based on the Cornwell books


This Spring…so, sometime before June 20?


Good news for US fans; Season 2 will get released on Netflix May 5 or right around the time the last episode airs on the BBC (if there are only 8 episodes this season).

— Alan


We barbarians in Canadia … [Canada] have been enjoying new episodes for 4 weeks now. Really great so far, my wife keeps asking whether it’s an extra long episode due to how dense each episode is, but it never feels rushed.


Do we know what books are being covered in Season 2? Is it going to be books 3 & 4?


Looks to be, yes.

— Alan


Nice!, that gives me 3 weeks to finish book 4. I can totally make that happen.


And Season 2 is now out for US folks on Netflix. Go watch!

— Alan


Thanks. I’ve been waiting for it. I enjoyed the first season.


I’ve watched the first episode and they’ve already made some fairly major changes from the book.Having just finished books 3 & 4 it will be interesting to see how else the show strays from the books.


The first two episodes of this season were a bit off-paced for me but man did they kick into gear in episodes 3 to 5.

This show is outstanding.


Yeah I really enjoyed it.
I tried not to watch in one weekend.


I just finished episode 4 and I’m enjoying it, but I don’t think as much as I would have had I not just read the books. I understand they have limited time and can’t spend as much time building relationships in the show like they can in the books but some of the show feels flat to me because of it. For example, in the books Steappa and Uhtred who were once enemies in a way, built a strong relationship on there travel from Wessex to Northumbria. The show touches on none of that. I also think the show has done an awful job portraying Guthred. In the book he comes off as a very charismatic person. He is inexperienced leading people and relies on Uhtreds help but he is definitely a likable person. In the show he comes off as a sniveling coward.


Finished it a few days ago. Yeah they did streamline bits and pieces of it, with the issue of leaving Steapa out until this season, and a few other things that were kinda meh. The slavery bit was way more impactful in the series than in the book in my opinion. Most of the bits about London were kind of ignored for the most part, but man Episode 4 and then the shield wall scene in Episode 8 are pretty fantastic. I do think Aethelflaed comes off a bit more timid, and you kinda don’t see the fantastic spirit she inhibits in the books. At least, not yet.

Yeah Guthred does come off as a weak turd.

— Alan


I told my sister that Season 2 dropped in Netflix and her reply was “I don’t know if I can stand another season of Uthred being a dumbass.” I laughed because that’s a bit of a running joke in the books - Older, narrator Uthred keeps pointing out how his young self was a dumbass.


Absolutely loved the second season and am very disappointed that it was only 8 episodes. I hope they bring this back for a season three and beyond.

Season Two was so much better paced and interesting than Season One, and I say that having fully enjoyed Season One. Every episode this season left you wanting more, there was no filler, and the story was compelling. The characters of Aethelflaed, Gislea, Odda and Erik really got to shine this season, and the actors did a great job with them. I also liked the increased screen time for Aethelwold, it’s so great how the actor conveys the character’s personality straight from the books, he’s a complete little shit, but he’s also clever and no coward, so you end up liking him more than you should, just as Uhtred does. Sihtric and Haesten were good additions to the cast this season as well, and it will be interesting to see Haesten’s role should there be more seasons to come. Finally, poor Clapa. I will miss him. He and Finan were great together for comic relief, and they kicked some serious ass together as well.


Finished watching the second season (non-book reader here). Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching Vikings inbetween. In direct comparison, I felt that the production values and cinematography have a much higher standard in Vikings. That being said, I really like how this comes off a little bit more light-hearted and comparatively less violent. Which is an odd thing to say, considering this season’s episodes dealing with slavery and memorable scenes like the one where a poor soul is being slowly drowned to death by being tied to the hull of a ship. Still, compared to the blood eagle episode in Vikings, this is child’s play and the series is better for it! Vikings proved to me that there is such a thing as too much violence!

Anyhow, I was a bit disappointed by some of the side characters. People like Tyhra, Guthred, Hild, or Gisela didn’t really get enough screen time or impactful exposition to make me care about them. In contrast, I thought that Aethelwold, Aethelflaed and Odda were all handled pretty well. Big fan of Odda! All in all, though, it feels like they may have crammed too many people and too much stuff from the books into a pretty short season.

Looking forward to Uthred being less of a dumbass next season! At least one can dream, right!? Keep it coming! :-)


Word is that the show has been renewed for Season 3, though the announcement has not been made yet. Will probably not air til the second half of 2018.

— Alan


Good to hear. Thanks. I’ve been enjoying the show.


Woot! Show is awesome.


Just about had a heart attack when I read “BBC cancels The Last Kingdom.”