The Last of Us has real heart, but not much else


No spoilers.

And I don't know how you figure I'm going to get on the front page of Metacritic. What a ridiculous thing to claim. Have you ever even been to Metacritic?


So you're saying you guessed three out of the five possible scores? You're quite the Nostradamus! :)


Yes, I've been on Metacritic. Usually the lowest score is on the front page of Metacritic. Since a 3/5 converts to 6/10 (I know you don't go by that scale, but that's how Metacritic converts the 3/5) it will be on the front page. It happened with Bioshock Infinite. A 6/10 was the lowest score, so QT3 was one of the three sites shown on the front page. They usually show two high scores and the lowest.


"A review based on personal opinions"

Oh how cute. Another 15 year old that thinks that a subjective review is trying to tell him how to think, man. Why don't you go rage about conformity or something offline, son?


lol no. I didn't think I guessed the score, I just thought the best possible score you would give this game is a 3/5. I'm based that on your reviews of popular games like Far Cry 3, Halo 4 and Bioshock Infinite. I knew you were going to give a lower score than the norm, but I wasn't sure how low you would go. I just figured 3/5 would by the highest score you would give to a critically acclaimed/popular title.


I think you're confused about what a front page is. You mean the main page for any given game, right? The front page is something else entirely. And I couldn't care less whether I'm on a front page or a main page.

But if your point is that it sucks that so many publications limit themselves to the 7-9 range, I agree.


Well, he certainly got you to traffic his site, so gg Tom!


Oh, I see. You're one of those guys.

If you're actually interested, you can sort this site's reviews by rating. You'll see plenty of high scores given to games that are both popular and critically acclaimed. I'm not nearly the outlier that Halo fans -- Wait, are you one of those? -- are keen to make me out to be.

But more to the point, if you can deal with actual text instead of just numbers, check this out:


Yeah, that's what I meant. I didn't mean, I meant the front page of The Last of Us' review section.


God, preach on. I didn't play the first Uncharted, but your post absolutely nails what Uncharted 2 was for me. I freaking hated that game. In the end, it was basically a more narrative based Dragon's Lair to me, and life is too short for that.


Dude, have you seen those popcorn headed zombies? They're like some sort of animated mascot that reminds you to be sure to get refreshments before the movie starts! There's a popcorn one, a hot dog one, and a Coca Cola one.


I already know about your review scale, I mentioned it in another comment. I know you don't go by the 10 scale. 3/5 means you liked the game.

I'm not a big Halo fan, I thought it was a pretty good game though.


Well you have your little fans Tom, agreeing with you one review, instead of the hundred out there who say it's a great game, you're like a cult leader, with all your mindless sheep hanging on your words of stupidity.

The only way for people to get noticed anymore in this industry is to be controversial, or really damn good at what they do. You have to revert to controversy, hopefully one day you can drop the act, like Jim Sterling used to do before he didn't have to do the 3/10 reviews for big games anymore.

Sad sad people


Thanks, Mr. Chick, for these reviews. I find them enjoyable to read and insightful.

"There is only the risk of having [to] play the same section yet again."


Warning. Quarter to three's review is now on the front page of Metacritic.

Brace yourselves.


Wait a minute what! I havn't felt any solid emotions from video games since bioshock and uncharted2 now your telling me that the emotion kills the game?!? Go screw yourself man, reviews like this should not be seen.....It's unprofessional and inaccurate.....I believe you should take some advice from the other 67 Companies who reviewed it over 90 Those companies asked themselves......worth a 10? "Heart but not much else I bet you gave cod games higher rating. You are unfit and ill informed to review any game


Assassins Creed 3 is a better game, yes sure... HAHAH


Tom Chick can give Zen Pinball, ASScreed 3 and SSX and Out of the Park baseball 10/10 yet he give TLOU 6/10< this means its mediocre. So tell me Tom how does it feel to knock Naughty Dog's 4 years of hard work since Uncharted 2 to create this game to be knocked off the the top of Metacrtic just so you can gain some hits?


Suggesting that a review is something more than personal options. Might want to learn how art and discussion work


I love these comment cascades... makes my day. This is even better than getting that brand new copy of a certain computer gaming-centric way back when and voraciously looking for the TvB. Can't wait to check back in later on the progress.