The Longest Journey 2: Dreamfall screenshots

looking very nice

One caption reads “Adventure gaming’s next hope. The weight of a whole genre rests on Dreamfall’s shoulders.”

Weren’t they saying that back win the first Longest Journey came out? It seems like adventure games aren’t going anywhere for better or worse. There’s one or two every year, never any more, but they’re not really disappearing either.

Is Funcom still behind it?

Yea, same creator as the original

:There’s one or two every year, never any more, but they’re not
:really "disappearing either.

You’re right about them not disapearing, but it’s more than one or two. There are probably dozens of adventure games released every year. Dreamcatcher alone probably puts out 10-12–most recently The Egyptian Prophecy and Forever Worlds. (Others that come quickly to mind: Ubi with Uru, Got Game with the recent A Quiet Weekend in Capri and Alida, Microids with Syberia II.)

Does anyone have any info on how adventures are selling?


FWIW, I sorta recently got back into adventure games because of Syberia (the first one.) I plan on getting around to playing a few more, especially Syberia II. They’re quite charming in their own way. And they’re very relaxing. Syberia didn’t really require a lot of cerebral activity, but it was probably fun because of, not in spite of, this. I think some adventure games can take those arbitrarily insane puzzles a bit too far at times.

Also, you know how a lot of people clamor on about how one of the things they really like about consoles is that you can sink back in a couch and play on the big screen… well, personally, I’ve always thought of that as a pretty bad way to play most games, but I’ll admit, playing something like Syberia with a nice home entertainment setup would rock. Throw in a few beers too…

The Longest Journey was a heaping plate of ass salad.

The most mysterious thing is how so many people raved that it was so great. Inconceivable. So even if people rave about how great TLJ2 is I just won’t be able to take that seriously…

Thanks for that insightful post.

I need to get around to finishing TLJ. I had to set it aside when I got to one particularly inane puzze. Something about using the shadow from a toy monkey to trick a bouncer into thinking he was being held up. That was nonsensical enough to make me set it aside, and I never got back to it. But I feel I should, because everything up until that point was pretty good.

TLJ’s title isn’t a trifle, T. You’ve got hours and hours to go in that sucker if that’s as far as you got. One small hint to potentially save you from the longest period of time I spent stuck on one stupid puzzle: take the monkey’s eyeball.

Overall, it isn’t horrible, but a lot of stuff in the story goes nowhere, and that’s bothersome. I would consider it worth playing, but not if you’re only going to try to squeeze it in - it requires more dedication than that, for better or worse.

Our problem with TLJ is that we couldn’t get it to install on either of our computers - we took it back to the store as defective, and had the same problem with the replacement copy. I’ve heard great word of mouth about the game, but for the life of me, I could not get it to install to try it out. It ended up getting shelved out of annoyance, and then our return timeframe expired. :/

Although I realize I say this in every TLJ thread, man did I dislike that game. It had great art and sound, and an interesting concept if you haven’t already read “The Talisman” or any other book or movie that used the same idea. But the actual gameplay sucked. It had two kinds of puzzles: really simple ones where either an NPC, or your character, gave you exact instructions on how to solve it; or insanely stupid ones like the rubber-duck puzzle or the monkey puzzle. I mean, those things make no sense at all, and are absolute game stoppers. Blech!

Man, that is NO JOKE. I barely made it past the first village myself. What with the silly, counter-intuitive puzzles where you basicallly had to resort to part-swapping to solve them and the angst-ridden, heroin-junky-lookin, just-diverse-enough-but-not-too-diverse, dripping-with-hipness college students all talking and talking and talking about how open minded they all were; I actually thought for a while there that I’d accidentally slipped my wife’s “Road Rules vs. Real World Tournament of Wankers” dvd into the player instead of the TLJ game disk.

Still don’t get what all the buzz was about. I bet Lokust experienced more fun, engaging moments in trying to get the game to run, returning it, and repeating the process than the rest of us who actually played it.

i really liked the game. but i used a walkthrough for all but the simplest puzzles. most of them really were totally nonsensical.

cooool, i think they updated the tavern location where april found the blue-skinned chick navigator for the captain with the funny religion (something to do with not being able to write down his name on a contract unless there was a song being played…but you only had to go to church once every four years).

Honda Avancier

new scans:

looks gorgeous :D

My wife hated the heroins voice. It was kind of annoying. I started using earphones just about then to keep peace in the house. but I kinda liked the game.

Wow. April’s looking pretty skanky.

Ya I never cared much for Aprils look. Not to say that she should be a bombshell but … something more appealing and less appalling would be nice.

Actually, that isn’t April. The new game has a different protagonist, some sort of gypsy woman, who must save April Ryan somehow. From what I’ve heard, though, April herself doesn’t figure too prominently into the game’s plot or appear in Dreamfall much if at all. The game is also slated to be in 3D (it looks great so far from those pics) and contain action/adventure elements (combat, swimming, etc.).

insert Saving Private Ryan joke here

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