The Lord of the Rings, an Amazon joint


Lot’s of potential here.

Didn’t Aragorn and Gandalf hunt down Gollum after he was captured in Mordor and gave up the Baggins name? That would be a cool story.

How he got his name Strider, thin maybe, but potential for a good story.

Life in Rivendell. Life in Rohan. Patrolling the wilds. All sorts of material here.


Finding the hottest elf chick in all of Middle-earth.


You guys are misunderstanding the press release.

Amazon’s “The Adventures of Young Aragorn” will focus on an adolescent Aragorn in the court of Elrond at Rivendell. Sent to Rivendell as a young boy to foster under Elrond, the mischievous Aragon, last descendant of Elendil and Heir of Isildur, has grown up in the company of elves, getting into trouble with his best friends Haldir and Arwen, daughter of Elrond, Together they dream big, but know little of the world outside of Rivendell. That all changes abruptly one dark night when the mysterious wizard Gandalf appears to seek Elrond’s council and warn of a growing danger from the forces of evil. Aragorn and his friends overhear the conversation between Elrond and Gandalf, and decide to set out on their own to save Rivendell. During their adventures together they will encounter new friends, terrifying enemies, romance, intrigue and danger throughout the world of Middle Earth. Join Amazon Studios in 2019 for the premiere of the Young Adult series, “The Adventures of Young Aragorn”!


I find this terrifyingly likely.


You’re wrong on the title. It’ll be “Rivendell”.


Also, you find out Young Aragorn actually built Bill the PonyDroid!


So will this be done by the same people who did the Shannara series.


Stuff of nightmares, this.


I would watch the shit out of that. Sounds a thousand times more interesting than the Silmarillion.


How do I add someone to my ignore list?


Fuck. That got me good. Well played.


Ok, they appear to be starting up the marketing engine for this show.

With 2 tweets quoting the rings creation poem (3 for elves, 7 for dwarves…etc), amazon has also setup a “map exploration” mode. Haven’t given it much of a go as yet, but perhaps someone here will discover some hidden nuggets!


The naming of the regions predate the 3rd age / era the LOTR books are set in, so Gondor and Rohan don’t exist yet. That implies a 2nd Age story, which contradicts the earlier rumours that we would be seeing Aragon or other characters return (don’t think Gandalf was around either).


Amazon appears to be filling in the map a bit of a time. So we’re going to need to wait and see if they reveal Gondor to the west of Mordor.


That map sent me down a (welcome) rabbit hole of refreshing my memory of Middle Earth lore. The 2nd age is rich with different story lines and characters to explore, although only Elrond and Galadriel would be characters the audience would be familar with.


Heh, considering there is still no cast, and they’re nowhere close to filming.


I know the topography comes directly from the books, but I’ve always hated the way the mountain ranges around Mordor are set at almost right angles. It looks not at all natural.

(Queue Tolkein nerd to tell me the history of Mordor and why the mountains look like that.)


Ha! When I first read Fellowship back in 7th grade I was super annoyed with the mountains around Mordor for the same reason. Still am. By the rest of your post I assume there is some reason that makes sense in the books. But it still sticks out like a sore thumb.


Speaking of LotR lore, I really ought to finish Jeff La Sala’s terrific Silmarillion Primer series. It’s great as a refresher and for explaining what the heck was going on in the First Age and before.


What, you don’t think most audiences would instantly recognize Cirdan the Shipwright? Come on, he’s one of the last people you see in the movies!