The Lord of the Rings, an Amazon joint


I would, but only if they pick someone who resembles the ME:TW card.


Thanks for posting this @Djscman


The writer of the primer series points out that Amazon has the rights to the LOTR - not the Silmarillion, so its unlikely to be a second age story…


…and I stand corrected. The map as newly updated is now most likely to be at the end of the Second Age and the first war against Sauron (ending with his physical form being destroyed, the ring lost, etc as shown in flashbacks in the movies).

EDIT: Alternatively, this could take place in the mid-Third Age, when Mordor first started stirring again and the Kingdoms of Men splintered.


OK based on THAT map the show looks like it will be about the Fall of Arnor and the Witch King of Angmar, which is almost 1,000 years before Aragorn is born.

If they want a Game of Thrones-like that is probably a good choice. The Kingdom of Arnor…with the high Numenorean king ruling from Annuminus over both Arnor and Gondor…sunders into three separate kingdoms, and by the end all three kingdoms are wiped out completely. Nothing left but a pile of ruins and scattered rangers. Plenty of political intrigue there.

Also Gondor’s attempt at vengeance results in the line of kings becoming broken until Aragorn.




Sorry for all caps. I think this will be the first major Second Age material ever produced outside of the Silmarillion, Histories of Middle-earth, books no one reads…

Second Age map is pretty dope for Tolkien geeks. Eriador UNTOUCHED by war/men. Just look at all those trees.


That’s…incredible. Really the best possible outcome, in my opinion.


No kiddin’! That’s great news.


And now I want an updated LOTRO, in a modern engine, set in the Second Age. The show sounds great, but actually exploring that map would be even better :)


Did the War of the Silmarils mod ever get released? Not a modern engine, but built off of a good one in its day.