The Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney+ (October 8, 2021)

The immortal John Stamos. Will Arnet. Yvette Nicole Brown. Some weird felty puppet people. Disney inside jokes galore!

I’m super duper here for this!

Fuck yes. Fuck. Yes.

My kids are going to refuse to watch this and then I’m going to watch it without them!

IIRC, my gf kinda hates the Muppets, so I’ll probably be going solo on this, too

I’m not even joking. The Disneyland Haunted Mansion is hands-down my favorite theme park ride.

This should be classic.

Even if the writing is terrible, this looks like it’ll be fun. I watch Muppet Christmas Carol every year over the holidays, and best case scenario this will fill a slot for annual Halloween movies.

My wife hates it, but my kids love it.

So going to YOLO this over her objections.

Have you considered dumping the motherfucker, in the parlance of Dan Savage?

Since this was the closest thing to a Muppets thread I could find…

My friend Brian Jones – who wrote a biography of Jim Henson – has been tweeting the day-by-day final days of the Muppet Master. Essentially how Henson went from appearing on Arsenio Hall one week, and being dead of septic pneumonia infection just a week or two later. It’s obviously pretty sad, but if you’ve ever been curious about everything that happened in final fortnight, Brian’s got it. (He’s interviewed everyone still alive who was around Henson at this time.)

God that was a damned sad read.

I was too young when he died, and didn’t realize until just now what he died from.

Its a damn shame and terribly sad that a man whose mission in life was to bring happiness to people died from such an easily preventible cause.