The "must have" Fallout: New Vegas Mod List

OK, so I played some of this on the 360 but never got into it. I picked it up during the Steam sale and have installed it and having a good time. Since I haven’t played this one on the PC, I have no idea what mods to use. Any suggestions?

I installed Fell out for NV, but that’s it so far.

Nevada Skies always gets rave reviews. There’s also the de rigueur body replacements, called “type 3” and “type 6” for example, along with modifications of in game armor to fit the fan meshes(“type 6 combat armor” for example) I never bother with non-cosmetic stuff, the potential for instability freaks me out, plus I figure a fan made rules mod isn’t going to save a core game if it sucks. I make an exception for bug fix compilations, and New Vegas has one of those.

Project Nevada is really well done. It adds bullet time, sprinting, and rebalances combat to be more lethal among other things.

Start there and trust in Gopher.

The auto installer is out of date but you can look at the list in there.

Sandstorms! :