The Mythbusters are back! Kinda...

So the “other” guys and gal who where on Mythbusters have a new show coming on Netflix called ‘The White rabbit project’? Looks mostly similar. Was never a regular watcher of the show but caught episodes here and there as a good time killer.


I know it’s fashionable to hate on the Mythbusters B-Team, but i always enjoyed watching their hi-jinks and I’m super-excited for this. Didn’t even realize it was in production. Hopefully they aren’t too dependent on just blowing stuff up.

In later seasons they were blatantly overenthusiastic, blowing stuff up and going “yay” in open-mouthed enjoyment. It smelled fake, and the B-team were far more open to what was clearly network direction than Adam and Jamie.

Hopefully Netflix allows them to take the show back to its roots.

This is awesome. Had no clue this existed.

I’ve watched 4 episodes now. Eh. The first episode definitely had heavy MB vibes, but the longer it went on, the further it differed - at least based on the four episodes.

MB did investigations on crazy experiments and inventions from the past and did illustrate that with historical footage or quick 2D animations - but that was usually just the prelude to them doing their own experiments. The White Rabbit project has a lot more of that with a mix of historical footage and parts reenacted with actors. And the attempts to make something be funny or crazy feel rather forced; especially with Grant, a skilled tinkerer who is always trying a little hard too also come across as an entertainer.

In the third episode, the reports made up a notably bigger part of the show, and they’re not really that different from your average “Top 10 crazy experiments that were done” or “Super-secret Nazi weapons” show on the History Channel or something.

@stusser I’m going to echo what you said too because it is exactly what drove me away from the show. I love those guys and gal but it always made me cringe when it was obvious producers were pushing them to be overtly “entertaining”. They are awesome people just being themselves. They didn’t need that over-the-top crap, they didn’t need to have so much scripted junk to say, and they also didn’t need to blow up stuff constantly to be interesting.

Is it any worse than Mythbusters over-the-top corniness? I haven’t felt like it is after two episodes.

The overexcitement is still in this. “WOOOOOOOOOOW!”. “Can you believe this?!”, “This is insane!”. For the example, I’m not buying the way Tory loses his shit after seeing a big Tesla coil being fired up - as if he hasn’t seen anything like this in numerous seasons of MB. It also has all the staged dialogs where the hosts are explaining each other basic things just to inform the audience. Was never a fan of that. Same or the alleged surprise experiments where the other hosts supposedly have no idea what they’re in for.

RIP - no word on cause of death other than it was sudden.

What the fuck? He was way too young, plus I always thought of Grant as the best one of the younger crew because he was just wildly competent and creative.

Shit, that’s just absolutely terrible.

Story was updated to say that he had a brain aneurysm. How utterly awful :(

Ugh, Grant was always my favorite, aside from Adam. Smart, charming, and talented. Thats horrible news.

Such awful news. Watching Mythbusters on Sunday with the whole family was a favorite ritual of ours.

Man, that is just awful. If you haven’t seen them, it’s worth looking up episodes of Star Trek Continues on Youtube. He was a really great Sulu.

Terribly sad. I always enjoyed his gadgets in the original show.

Brain aneurysm. This makes me really sad–only a few years older than me and such a role model. Fuck 2020.