The new 2014 version of the 20:20 frame game. Come in here and guess the movie!

When you’re slapped, you’ll take it and like it.


Hahahahaha! Excellent!

The new twenty:


Why does that remind me of Risky Business?

I believe that is Gigantic.

I believe you are correct, JPR!

The forty:


The eighty-whatever:

You have the conch, JPR.


“Hey. Can you see up my skirt?”


Sorry that took so long – lots of kid-related responsibilities today.

Here’s the new 20:20, though I fear this might go quickly…

Oh yeah, that one’s obvious. But I won’t post the answer because I don’t want to dredge through the list to find one that hasn’t been done yet. Yup, I’m lazy.

No one else? Ok, it’s Highlander.

that’s easy?? Gosh…

I immediately recognized her, but I couldn’t place it. But yeah, she’s examining the sword fragment in the pillar after Conor fought Fasil during the wrestling match. If you’re around 40 and a relative geek, that’s a movie you know far too well.

Yep, that was Highlander. I wouldn’t have been able to get it from her, but I figured someone would. Sorry about the delay in my response.

40:40 (you could maybe recognize Lambert from his stupid hair here)


80:80 (the only quickening shot)


Okay, here’s my 20:20. It’s pretty much hopeless, and I’ll be impressed if anyone gets it. The 40:40 is easy, though.

What are the rules for posting, just a movie pic at the 20:20 mark?

Also regarding the above photo, I shall guess… yeah I have no idea…

Whoever guesses the current film correctly posts the next one. The increments are 20:20, 40:40, 60:60, and so on.

Ah, Fellowship of the Ring?

Good guess, but no. I will say that the black object on the left side of the screen is a horse being ridden out of frame.

Ok… is it Sleepy Hollow?

Institute Benjamenta?