The New Better Last Gen Poll!

My launch Xbox Thomson drive had to be replaced, but MSFT did it for free.

My 360 has occasional dirty disc errors, and has once or twice given me red rings of doom. The warranty is up this fall, so it’ll be going in late this summer.

I’ve still got a launch day Xbox with the Thompson drive and It was still working great when I put it in the closet last year.

I’ve got a launch day PS2 that’s still going. It takes around 30 seconds to recognize a DVD game after the tray is closed, but after that it still works like a champ.

I got my Xbox long after launch day, and it doesn’t have a Thompson drive, but it’s still working well, too.

When my 360 dies I’m just going to go back and clear out my last gen backlog.

wait, how are we telling the failure rates here exactly? all i know is that 53% of us didn’t have a failing console.

Yup. Last gen only.

Well, if you want to go ahead and make a thread for each and every last gen system, go right ahead.

The only last-gen console I had that died on me was the Dreamcast. The chip that handles the controllers just blew up, or something, which is apparently fairly common

Since I had 2 Ps2s die on me, this poll is not accurately capturing my data. Also I’ve gone through maybe 5 or 6 PS2 controllers. Games with driving do a number on than X button, and the analog sticks seem to be pretty crappy on the stock controllers.

I think the lasers on the Dreamcast tended to get wonky as well, but I didn’t have too much trouble with mine.

Both my Xbox and my Dreamcast eventually crapped themselves in the optical drive department. It is my policy to get Best Buy’s product replacement plan on any console I purchase.

Me either. The power switch on my Atari 7800 crapped out and made it basically unplayable, but that was years after I’d stopped playing stuff on it. I had a few Genesis games go bad, but the system is still fine. And all of my last gen systems are still going strong. The drive in my XBox can be a little finicky, but since I use it almost exclusively for XBMC I don’t really care. In fact, that was why I got it in the first place.

Maybe I’m just lucky with electronics. I can’t think of anything that’s ever died on me. I have a laptop that’s got to be almost a decade old and aside from the battery it’s still running fine. If I hadn’t replaced them, both my walkman and discman would probably still be working.

5 controllers!
I’ve only had one dead controller, also on Dreamcast, but it knows what it did!

I think my Atari 2600 stopped working, though.

All my consoles still work. I even have a working Gameboy Pocket, though I’m finally throwing that away.

One friend just had his PS2 Phat break down. The drive just stopped working.

I need three votes for PS2, as I’m on my fourth. The first one I broke myself, so it doesn’t count. But the refurbished unit I got quit reading any DVDs after about two weeks. So then I got a third through a buddy at EB that massaged their protection plan system to get me a new one. That one eventually exhibited the same problem Quat mentioned above – slower and slower reading. So now I have a slim PS2.