The New Iran Treaty


You seemed to suggest that chaotic evil were criminals, whereas lawful evil were not. Maybe I misread. A society built on a chaotic evil foundation would be…not much of a society, more like anarchy.


Womp womp


Literally everyone will have nukes and eventually they’ll use them.

Which is why we spent nearly a century trying to keep that from happening. Then Donnie comes along and becomes the Oprah of nukes.





Yes, we should sanction the EU! And while we’re at it, China, too! And Japan! Hell, let’s sanction everyone! Then we can have what the tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy folks really want, which is a 19th century self-contained backwater of a nation!






This is how a true artist makes deals.


Uhhhh… that’s not how that works, Cheeto.


Here’s my lazy, drivetime talk radio take on things:

My guess is Trump didn’t realize inspections were part of the original agreement until after he put a big X through Obama’s EO.


Well, it’s still the IAEA doing the inspections, and Iran and the rest of the dealmakers are still doing the joint agreement, so why wouldn’t the inspectors still inspect if Iran is still holding up their end of the bargain?


Never heard of the IAEA. Do they sell loot boxes?


They did, until the world declared making a deal with Trump was gambling.


Holy shit. The fact we don’t have likes here is a crime against humanity.


I just discovered that Firefox now takes screenshots! I also discovered upon reflection that I have no Trump-despising friends or relatives who keep up with international gaming news to share it with. I am amused and depressed.


There was a guy on Bill Maher last night, a Republican congressman, and it annoys me so much that he’s able to return again and again to the talking point that being tough with Iran will work just like it worked with North Korea. They’re already saying North Korea as if it’s a done deal, like they’re going to de-nuclearize for sure, and Iran will be the same. What really annoyed me is that when he said that we paid tax payer money to Iran as part of the deal, and Bill Maher didn’t push back on that. That wasn’t American tax payer money that we gave to Iran, it was Iranian money that had been frozen. Gah.

Anyway, if this guy is any indicator, I think Republicans have found themselves a winning formula here for foreign policy posturing, and it sounds like they’re being super-tough and super smart. I’m just hoping people will be smart enough not to fall for it, but I doubt that.

Also, I hope they’re right on North Korea, somehow, even though I’m very skeptical.



Fat fucking chance. Our electorate is not that smart, especially when the media doesn’t push back on bullshit.




Pretty brilliant of the publisher to translate that book into various languages. Including Farsi.