The NEW NEW animated-GIF thread in which posts without animated GIFs will be deleted!


New New Thread because apparently the old one is broken because of bad data. Abandon thread!

P.S. If you don’t put an animated GIF Tom will give you a dumb custom title if he feels like it.

Wait, what? The other thread is busted? All those gifs, lost, like … like … I don’t know, like something.


Old thread lately

Yeah, the old thread was apparently so bloated, no one could post in it anymore. It was over 2 years old, so it was probably time to replace anyway.

Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop the gif bus!

Woah, woah, there. You can still read the old thread, you just can’t post in it.



I almost missed this gem of wisdom.

Also it’s pronounced “giff”, with a hard G, and since the thread is now locked that is the final word on the matter. Suck it, weirdos.

Also it’s pronounced “giff”, with a hard G

Like in girraffe.

Know what this is?

A spider doing pushups on a mirror.

Note: Do not do this to your cat. They think it’s a snake. It freaks them out.

My cats were not phased by the cucumber at all.

Also: 18 posts until fail.

Damnit. I didn’t realize i was in the gif thread.

This is why we can’t have nice things.