The new No 1 Threat to the World

Didn’t know where to put this, but I’m confident that we can somehow morph this into either an attack on Bush or another reason that the Democrats can’t get their act together. ;)

If Bush would only put more emphasis on healthcare, this wouldn’t be an issue. And Democrats should focus on healthcare to rally the country to their side.

There we go.

This is why you are indeed a Professional Swayer of Minds. ;)

Actually, my head must be stuck in the mud because I had not heard that this was such an issue. Kills 72 % of people that contract it, far more infectious than SARS, etc.

There was a metafilter panic round on this a while back. Big question is whether it actually is 72% fatal, or if what we’re seeing is only really sick people get diagnosed.

As to Bush, like everything else, he won’t pay any attention to it unless his courtiers happen to want it looked at and frame it in a way to push his buttons, and the high-level corruption in this administration well push back against that.

Remember how their response to being warned of a flu shortage was to basically ignore it? How they fucked up the smallpox terrorist attack mitigation plan? Wouldn’t put it past them to decide it’s god’s vengeance for asia not agreeing to our dipshit intellectual property rules at the Cancun WTO meeting.

If only Bush had taken better precautions with obtaining a flu vaccine!