The one game you want made that isn't being made


A SKATE sequel, or similar city skateboarding simulator. Loved that series on Xbox. It’s the one exclusive I would pick up a console for again.

I know there is Project Sessions for Steam, which I backed, but I suspect it will maintain a distinctly passion project scale and feel. (I would be happy for it to exceed those expectations, and already enjoy it regardless.)


Millenium and Deuteros, old Ian Bird games from the Amiga where you had to recover from a ruined Earth and gradually explore the Solar System starting with the Moon. It was a bit grindy back then, but the story, exploration, research and scope with the capabilities of modern day gaming could make a fantastic game.


You lot need to aim for something realistic.

I want my favourite series released as a poor quality shovelware mobile game full of ads and pay 2 win.

or perhaps, Total War: Horus Heresy, or a decent TA clone that isnt set on a small ball.


Look, a solid, less-buggy, updated version of Sid Meier’s SimGolf is pretty much all the world needs.

But if we’re getting selfish… Anyone else play Project: Space Station? That could use a lick of paint!



Forking here yeah.


I’d like to see an Air Power remake with a deeper strategical map, more diplomacy and deeper dialogue trees, and polished air combat with the ability to pilot a blimp. And multiplayer, obviously.


Holy fucking shit that looks like an amazing idea! Rowan should get their band back together and remake that, as well as their Battle of Brittain, Korea and WW1 stuff.


I want a non-violent VR game set in a dystopian Blade Runner/Hong Kong type vertical city where you play a detective solving crimes. You fly around in your air car, visiting crime scenes, from seedy strip clubs to millionaire penthouses high in the sky, finding clues, interviewing witnesses, etc. Basically I want a combination of Air Car and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.


Are we talking Avalon Hill’s Kingmaker?


Yes please tell me someone made it, and I just missed it :)


Not to my knowledge, but that was a great adaptation of the game to the pc. Would love to see it again as well. We used to play the tabletop edition at a gaming store where I grew up that had a game club on Wednesday nights.


Some of the very old QQP games (but modernized)

Lost Admiral
With a more modern UI (the designer did try to bring it back a while ago but really did nothing to improve the old UI) This game was fun and had a decent AI IIRC.

Grandest Fleet
Fun game just wish the AI played better

Conquered Kingdoms
I liked the game but the AI did not play well. Would love to se whta could be done today

Perfect General
Fun little wargame


Oh hell yeah.


Baldur’s gate 3: Daughter of Bhaal.


GSC announced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 again last year targeting a 2021 release and running on Unreal 4, but since it’s been nearly a decade since Pripyat shipped and there’s no word of a publisher, I think that hitting that date’s going to be a long shot at best. 4A Games (founded by ex-Shadow of Chernobyl devs), however, are returning to their open-world shooter roots next month with Metro Exodus, which is looking stunning! :)


Nidhogg’s a sword-fighting game with one-hit kills. Totally different aesthetic and maybe more of a platformer than a fighting game though.

Just read this article about a game that hopes to fill that void. I’m kind of skeptical since I don’t think SimGolf was really about managing a golf course (I saw it more as a commentary on the nature of game design) and without Meier around that aspect of it is probably lost, but who knows, it might be good.


Look at that! The course-building definitely looks like a direct successor to SimGolf. You’re right, if there’s too much financial management it might feel like a different game. But we’ll see!

(BTW, I always tell people that SimGolf is “the best game about game design.”)


I may have said this on a similar thread in the past, but I’d really like to see an RPG, or even an MMO, based on Jack Vance’s Dying Earth novels.

The setting is a tired, worn-out but currently simple and bucolic, largely mediaeval-fantasy Earth some unknown vast time in the future when the sun occasionally flickers and wobbles, on the verge of going out. A world kind of like the D&D type of world (D&D being partly inspired by Vance) with magic, only there are numerous unknown, lost, hidden vaults, installations, cyclopean ruins, etc., dotted around on Earth’s rich, ancient loam, from civilizations that rose, fell, rose, fell, thousands of times, based on different ideas and principles. Like, e.g. 1) when Earth had a vast evil interstellar empire, 2) the second time Earth had an interstellar empire, but it was good, 3) the time Earth was ruled by magicians, 4) …

Etc.,etc. That type of thing. The canvas is about as big as it could possibly be, offering tremendous scope for the imagination, rich stories and varied gameplay utilizing low tech, mid tech, high tech, unbelievably advanced tech, and magic, on Earth and ranging throughout the galaxy, all with a poignant sense of impending doom and a lore history stretching uncounted years into the past, with things discovered, forgotten, discovered again, forgotten again.

  • Jagged Alliance 2 like crpg, basically fantasy version of JA2 … very important to have quirky but cool heroes… or just a really good JA2 sequel which never happened.


yup, this could rock awesomely. or a sequel.