The opioid crisis


Also some people can live fairly normal lives on heroin if they are wealthy enough to afford a good supplier and capable of controlling their usage. This is evidently not as easy to do with fentanyl and analogues because they are so incredibly potent and because the cut varies so much.


Yeah I think the opium was relatively mild at the time.


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As bad as we think the opioid crisis is it is actually worse.

The CDC has been undercounting the number of in 2015 instead of 33,091, the actual number is ~39,999.

Corrected counts and rates of any opioid and heroin/synthetic opioid-involved drug deaths are 20–35% higher in every year than reported figures

This implies that opioid deaths for 2016 instead of the 42K reported by CDC are actually between 50-55K.
Adding in other drug deaths and sometime between 2016 and 2017. The number of drug deaths in this country exceeded the number of gun deaths (murder+suicide) and automobile deaths COMBINED.


Reason, but it’s a good article.




Death Penalty for Drug Dealers! More of those libertarian values on stunning display.


They’re going to start executing doctors and pharmaceutical company CEOs?


Only the brown ones.


Man… that’s hilarious, true, and grim. The 2018 trifecta!


What the fuck?

Is he taking a page from his buddy Rodrigo Duterte?


He is – once again – throwing out some Stupid Shit™ that is designed to get everyone into a tizzy of pearl-clutching while never having the slightest chance of really being implemented as policy anywhere*.

*Offer not valid in Ohio, Florida or Texas.


Or anyone unlucky enough to cross a state line. This package includes a Federal death penalty option.

According to language circulating this week, the Trump administration will call for the death penalty as an option in “certain cases where opioid, including Fentanyl-related, drug dealing and trafficking are directly responsible for death.”


Hey they would have lost some of their most ardent supporters like Tim Allen.


So it seems pretty clear that drugs kill people but guns don’t. That’s the current GOP thinking, correct? It’s not the corrupt doctors or pharma execs but the actual tool, unless it fires bullets, in which case it’s the sick twisted monsters and crazy people that are responsible.


Dealers are fine as long as they have shareholders.

And lobbyists.


5 dealers–I mean doctors–charged in Manhattan today with writing millions of dollars worth of prescriptions for fentanyl in exchange for sham speaking fees.


Death penalty!!!


For a supposedly “pro-business” president, Trump sure likes hurting the stock prices of friendly industries.