The opioid crisis


Here we go!

Full text of the memo:


Man, I’m glad I’m not:
A minority
A woman
An illegal alien
A Muslim
An Otherkin
A homosexual
A poor person
A Puerto Rican hurricane survivor
A national parks employee
A captured war vet
A journalist
An NFL player
A Hillary Clinton
An intelligence officer
A White House employee
A Trump appointee
A Hollywood celebrity
A NATO ally
A trading partner
A drug trafficker


I didn’t make it far down your list before I got sad :(


Big Pharma will be terrified now…

(oh wait, this isn’t directed at the main drug problem…)


sad here too.

You probably have to put the drug trafficker higher on the list if the drug trafficker is also any of these other things.


At least I can hide my heritage pretty easily until they start cross referencing green card recipients with birth records…

It’s fuckin sad as shit that I’ve literally thought about this before.


Showtime is streaming their 5 part heroin documentary “The Trade” for free. Much of it is set here in Columbus, where we have a huge with OD’s (on the fire department we joke that the city buys Narcan by the barrel).


Some good news:


No doubt because thousands of doctors are thinking “oh shit, malpractice isn’t going to cover this if I keep up this volume of prescriptions”.


Legalization of weed is also driving down opioid usage, although that likely has more of an impact on illicit use, rather than legitimate prescriptions.


Synthetic Overdoses pass natural OD’s - putting Afghans out of business?


Now that is a finding a silver lining.


This is a joke right? People in crippling pain will have to go the pharmacy EVERY 3 days for their meds?
And what if you don’t live near a pharmacy? Go broke having to drive tons of miles for your prescriptions? What if you don’t live near a pharmacy and don’t have reliable transportation?

It will be easier for these people to get their pain meds off the street than at the drugstore.


Rick Scott is a fucking scumbag.


Yes, that is obscene. How about instead we audit and piss test the prescribing doctors with this level of frequency and inconvenience instead of punishing patients with chronic pain?


GOP program to encourage suicide among the chronically sick, I suppose.


Florida’s Republican Senate candidate for 2018, everyone.


I read last night that the peak age for drug overdose deaths has been basically tracking the baby boomers since the 70s. Surprised me since I envision the typical drug OD to be a kid in their 20s.


One of other huge issues with Trump shit show is that public attention on the opioid crisis has really slipped.


While these scumbag drug pushers are taking advantage: