The OQO is available

This could be big, but their site has so little charm and I don’t see any stories out there on the release.

It’s also $1k more than early estimates said, if my memory serves.

They also failed to notify me even though I put my address on their list.


I played with one back when I was at Handheld Computing.

Darn slick device overall. I’d buy one in a second if they’d make two changes:

  1. Price needs to be under $1,200.
  2. Needs four-hour battery life.

Until tech gets to the point where those are possible, I think this is a niche product for a very small niche.

…which I think is tragic, as I feel constrained by the smaller form-factors, and hate lugging around a laptop.

Laptops still rule it for this sort of thing, I’m afraid. Look at the Panasonic R3, available from an importer near you(r internets). It’s amazingly portable, but still usable with a real keyboard.

yargh, does it come with some kind of screen protector?

That sliding screen looks more like a “we’re trying to not be a laptop!” gimmick that is going to wind up being annoying. A clamshell design allows you to protect the screen when not being used.

Like the FlipStart, you mean?

I used to want an OQO soooo badly.

Then it didn’t come out until three years later. True story.