The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


They are re-airing the second episode at 9pm here in DC. Not sure about other markets. I ended up watching it on Hulu and am still meh on the series.


I like wat u got. Good job.


I agree, but it also bears a very strong resemblance to the pilot for TOS which involved an advanced species using illusions to capture the captain of the Enterprise and put him in a zoo.

Also I completely agree with you on the Robot guy sounding an awful lot like Data. It’s really kind of disturbing, since every time I hear his voice, I’m thinking it’s Data.


I read somewhere (in this thread?) that MacFarlane pitched a new real ST show to CBS, but CBS said “no” and did Discovery instead.


Wow. That was a bold subject to tackle in the third episode of a new show. This IS a new Star Trek TNG as far as I’m concerned. The humor seems to be less jarring as well. I’m in for the long haul, Seth MacFarlane.


Second episode was way better.


This show is not historically accurate. Everyone knows that Adrianne Palicki died in John Wick.


No doubt. I was impressed, on the whole. The Rudolph epiphany bit was kinda hard to suspend disbelief on, but otherwise the episode was really well done.

I think Discovery has a pretty high bar to beat here. Yes, Orville’s humor is fairly terrible, but otherwise they’re hitting the right Trekkie-nerd buttons thus far.


I liked it although the female Moclan poet’s accent during her testimony/speech was kind of all over the place–she was in dire need of a dialect coach.


Mexican dance-off begs to differ.


Their website refuses to actually work. S1E3, click it: nothing, doesn’t exist. Been like this for days now.

Edit: Tweeted at them, gave a report on their website. Now it works. Either luck or someone’s really on the ball.


Hey thanks. I just figured they were used to putting it up on Monday, and the change to Thursday disrupted that. I was waiting for it to go up on the website on Monday. Thanks @ShivaX, if your tweet was responsible.

EDIT: Nope, still only seeing two episodes on the Fox website. Maybe Monday is when they’ll put it up.


That is odd. Hulu has three episodes up right now.


This show is pretty good, which vastly surpasses my expectations.


Now that was how you do sci-fi. Hell yeah McFarlane! It even had a “none of this matters anyway” TNG type ending. The tone in this one was a lot different. If they can tone down the tension breaker joke trope just a bit this will be a great mix. I actually loved the ending of the scene between the strong girl and him in the ring and thought the Rudolph thing was neat. I mean, the idea that we have a rich trove of culture heritage to draw on and make arguments for us is something not really addressed in sci-fi. They are all vague about it. Yet I’d show Mozart as an example of a great composer and young genius to an alien, and that’s hundreds of years ago. Rudolph is pretty iconic. I kind of like that stuff in the right context.

This episode was also structurally really well written, I thought.


I’m watching it right now. I think the website is just borked in a new and exciting way.


Every episode seems to have highs and lows. I am still gonna keep watching, just wish it would figure out what it wants to be, like you gents mentioned above.

I didn’t care for the egg story line at all. :(


It was not really all over the place, the actress is a New Zealander and it seemed pretty straight up Kiwi. (Well, pretty indigenous Kiwi).

btw, she was in Once Were Warriors, alongside Temuera Morrison. That shit needs checking out, if you have not seen it.


Incidentally, wtf?!



As a buddy just said, “Just when you think you’re watching TNG, someone says “vagina”.”

That’s a good sign.