The other worst thing you'll see all week: Turbo Kid

Title The other worst thing you'll see all week: Turbo Kid
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When August 28, 2015

There can be a thin line between homage and pandering. Turbo Kid, which lands with a resounding thud on the wrong side of that line, is a reverse engineered attempt at 80s nostalgia..

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Deeds not words. The Destruction of Jared-Syn. You have to be there to see it. Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.

I saw all those in the theater when I was a kid. Still not interested in Turbo Kid. Isn't one Lebouef a Labouef too many?

Ice Pirates featured my first on screen decapitation as well as a young, Bobby Urich. Both were awesome.

A post-apocalyptic movie that recalls Megaforce, Metalstorm, Ice Pirates and Spacehunter? Dude, you are really bad at talking people out of seeing movies!

What, like Shia LaBeouf? At least her name is spelled in a way that makes sense (literally translated "the ox"). I don't know what happened to Shia's name, though. It was fine when the French language gave it to him.

Wow. Exactly how many times have you been decapitated on screen?

Not sure. After four or five times, long term memory and contextual associations get a bit basset hound.

Well, never seen the movie, but a friend linked me to this music video prequel(?) to it that is hilarious, bizarre, but also fairly delightful, featuring Le Matos and PAWWS on synths and vox. Not sure I’ll seek out the film itself; I don’t think I was even alive for the release of most of the things it’s aping, but this video’s in my rotation now, at least, and I felt the need to share it with all of you! (and possibly scar Tom by reminding him of its existence).

This looks like an awful movie.

She’s so adorable! What a wonderful little bundle of energy! It was cute seeing her again, but I wish the video had more room for her enthusiasm.

Also, I’ve decided Canadians are way too good-natured to make convincing post-apocalypses.


I enjoyed Turbo Kid for the most part, I’d watch a sequel, which I know they are trying to get made. Liked it a lot more than say Kung Fury.

Computer, show me an example of “damning with faint praise”.