The "PC" label is complete bullshit

Yeah. It’s like, if a movie or TV show features a white character, it just fell into place that way naturally. If it features a minority character, obviously someone compromised on their integrity or is trying to teach a lesson or caved in to pressure groups, because that’s the only reason why anyone would choose not to just do the “normal” thing and go with a white protagonist.

It’s actually a Leftist/Marxist term that became co-opted by the Right in the early 90’s post-university speech code controversies. What’s bullsh*t is the thought-control ideology behind it.

Man, fuck that PC labeler.

Can we change the label to “console”?

This is accurate. “PC” described an absolute, explicit intolerance on the academic left that flared up in the early 90s and then faded slowly but not entirely.

This is an accurate description of the term’s use today.

Yep. Both are correct, depending on what time frame you’re talking about. That’s why my snark above was “12 years ago” rather than “20.”

Anyway, as for Disney…

I think the main point here is that these stories they’re animating are Western. European, specifically. Thus the original tales are largely staffed by… you guessed it, European girls. So when you take a traditional European story (the Frog Prince) and make all the major characters black, or hispanic, or purple with orange polka dots, it causes one to raise one’s eyebrow. Even Aladdin and Jasmine are caucasian.

(If you wanna complain about PC, complain about the way they mucked with the story of Pocahantas. Hint: She didn’t stay with her people in the end. She went back to England, was miserable and died of the flu.)

Jasmine looks like she could be Arab or Persian or something. It’s a little vague, but she doesn’t look like the bulk of Disney’s characters. Aladdin does, though, skin tone and huge eyebrows aside, and even those are strange concessions that make him look farther from the ethnicity he’s supposed to be (ten points if you know what that is without looking it up).

Persians and Arabs are Caucasian.

Not at my country club.