The Playstation 4

November 15th, 2013 Update: PS4 has been released today! How is it everyone?

Never owning a Sony Playstation before and after learning more about the Xbox One I think I have become a Sony convert.

So, I had to start the thread.

US: Nov 15 2013
EU: Nov 29 2013


PS4 has been announced. Highlights:

  • $399 (excludes the eye camera)

  • sharing games is conssitent with last gen (ie. no fees)

  • no Kinect like spy hardware

  • the new PSN will cost <$5/month for multiplayer, single player = no cost

  • unconfirmed by Sony: DualShock 4, PlayStation 4 Eye, PlayStation Move with the new PSY

  • 500g internalhard drive is swappable

  • additionalcontrollersand eye camera each at $59

  • PS4 is not region locked

  • the Move controller (glowable dildo) has been incorporated into the gamepad controller. No more glowing sticks.

  • Sony CEO ended the Press Event slamming the mic on the stage and mooning Balmer.

  • Sony just nailed it with their “How to share your games”
    MS just got fucking OWNED.

Sony PS4 Site:
Hardware Photo:
PS4 vs Xbone One vs Wii U Comparison Chart:


(this is the original E3 2013 Sonly Playstation 4 Announcement June 10th 5:20pm PDT thread on the day of annoucnement)

It will be a minimum of $499.

I bet it’s cheaper than that. No built-in Kinect to pay for. :)

They’d be fools to hand MS price parity and not undercut them at all.

But then, they might be fools. Sony hasn’t exactly been an unerring corporate operation.

No, instead they have 8GB of GDDR5 to pay for (yay).

Even at $499 for the main hardware, you save on not paying for Live to play MP, and you get objectively better hardware. I think $499 is still a better deal than the Xbox One at the same price.

My bet is $450, but it could go up to $500, yeah.

Yes, to be fair, $499 gets me to buy a PS4, just maybe not as soon as I’d like. If they come down to $399 (somehow, that DDR5 is expensive, Gendal is correct and I had forgotten about that) I will probably pre-order one and look forward to it (depending on how this presentation in a few hours goes).

I agree, and I know which one I’m more likely to throw half a grand at right now, but I think shelf price has a big impact.

Oh, no doubt. $499 means I’m not buying either machine at launch. It does cement my future choice though.

$399 is preorder territory. $450 means I wait till it’s $399. I’m going to go ahead and assume they won’t be pricing it at $499 simply because they should know better (but do they?)

If they start the PS+ Instant Game Collection out on the PS4 at launch there’s a decent chance I’ll be there day one. I’m not asking for their top of the line AAA game, but something that can show off the system would be huge.

I don’t really care about the price, if they announce an exclusive game I want, I’ll buy it. That is very unlikely, though.

It is rumored to come in at $399, though. That would be a pretty good sucker punch to the xbone.

Absolutely $499 at least. It’s Sony though so I could see $549. One favorable thing is that the value of the yen has dropped a lot so they don’t need to charge so much to meet their target (although on the other hand they may have to pay for hardware in dollars).

I am hoping for $399 - $449. The could go all crazy though and perhaps do $499 but include a 2nd controller! :D

Personally, I have no particular price point, but I am interested in what games are available at launch. If they’re just so awesome looking that I can’t wait for a price drop, that’s about the only way I can envision myself ponying up day one. Still, mighty intrigued at what Sony is going to show me. I loved the PS1 and 2, just had no interest in what they were doing with the PS3 plus all my friends had Xboxes, so there you go. I’m feeling a sea change may be coming.

It’s starting in a few minutes.

I got an email from amazon offering a pre-order of £599.99, are preorders more expensive or something? I mean that’s like $900+

Here we go!

They’re really thumping the games focus, developer friendly aspects in this video.