The Playstation 4

The 2TB drive arrived yesterday, and just before I was about to install it my system became unbootable (error screen did not specify why). Swapped drives and now my system runs beautifully, ARK (so far) included.

Not sure if the old drive itself was bad, PS4 system just borked (this time I started with a fresh install) or if the root cause was something else and is still lurking unseen. Will wait and see, I guess.

One other possible factor I didn’t mention before. Around the time the problems started, I had also upgraded my router to a new Archer A7, and I recently noticed that my PS4 download speed was maxing at 67mbps wired, for some strange reason, while my wired PC was maxed at 170mbps. Wireless (5G), though, the PS4 bumps up to 170mbps. Same brand of switch and ethernet for both. Maybe ARK needed more bandwidth? Dunno.

Sounds like the hard drive was just slowly failing. Part of the firmware is installed to the hard drive so it make sense you eventually would not be able to boot.

Question: I’ve got a regular PS4 (not a Pro) and I just got a big fancy new 65" Sony 950G TV. I assume the regular PS4 does not output 4K, correct? Does it output HDR? If so, how can I be sure the PS4 is set up to send that to the TV (and bonus points if you can tell me how to know if the TV is actually receiving it in HDR.)


The regular PS4 does support HDR (and not 4K), but not every game will. I don’t know about your TV, but every time my TCL TV gets an HDR signal it briefly shows a little logo on screen.

There are system settings somewhere in the PS4 that control HDR output, couldn’t tell you where they are from memory, but when I first connected my PS4 Pro to our new TV, it detected the HDR capability and prompted me to enable/configure it with the first HDR game I played.

Yeah, it’s in the settings and your PS4 should let you know. The OG does not support 4K, but you’ll still notice a world of difference if your TV has good HDR implementation.

I can’t remember if you RDR2, but it’s gorgeous in HDR, which you set-up can do. Go for a ride man.

So, I picked up a PS4 Pro over the holidays and have been playing Spider-Man ever since. One other game I’ve had my eye on is the PSVR Iron Man game. Is PSVR worth it currently? I only have phone VR. I’d probably play the Psychonauts game as well.

Also, PSVR Iron Man delayed until May:

From the makers of Republique? I’m not aware if that’s good pedigree. Was Republique a great game?

The preview impressions were very positive for the game.

Playstation Now is hot this month.

Control (available until Monday, August 31)
Nascar Heat 3
Nights of Azure
Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (available until September 7)
Toukiden 2
Warriors All-Stars
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

All those KOEI games have never been under 20 bucks.

Sign up with a different account if anyone is interested in downloading these on PS4.
Mark your console as home in the settings and you’ll be able to play stuff with your main account. Right now the system prevents you from purchasing (or redeeming with PS+) anything you’ve downloaded through PS Now or EA Access.

MS offers a discount if you want to buy a Game Pass game. But Sony can’t stop Sonying.

So, Control is Free for PSNow?

Yep. Download or stream.

before I crawl back under my rock, what is PS now?

Playstation Now is a cloud/subscription based gaming service, offering streams and downloads of various titles on the Playstation platform.

ah great, similar to game pass. Probably I will sign up for Control and some other stuff.

I love PS Now for stuff like Nights of Azure and Warriors Allstars. I would never have bought either, but it’s great to be able to sample weird games like that. Nights of Azure I started and I really like the combat system

streaming Control works amazing. Sony must have implemented huge server farms.

PS Now:

  • Spiderman, until July 7th
  • Just Cause 4, until October 6th
  • Golf Club 2019

7 day free trials were also recently reset.

I bought a PS4 Pro for Christmas for myself, just to play spider man well worth it, but I’m only 70% through the main story, and I still have the DLC to go.