The Puzzle Games Thread

Puzzle fans! You gotta check out Akurra! It’s a world full of single-screen sokoban puzzles, with metroidvania-esque set of obstacles and an ever expanding moveset to overcome them. And it’s all in a beautiful and charming setting that is a lot more inviting than, oh say, rolling hotdogs around.

This is a demo. There’s apparently a lot more to come.

Yeah Akurra! I had to stop playing the demo because I was sold after only a few screens (and I usually hate sokoban and sokoban-likes). This felt like an adventure with exploring and its own mysteries to solve. All the pushing stuff around was clever rather than heavy. I loved the visual style too.

Added to my wishlist!

…well, added to my wishlist in 2020, but it’s still there, too.

Yeah, my patience for sokoban is usually pretty short, too, but this is a testament to how powerful it is for a game to have a dose of color and character and exploration that most of those games shun.

Great demo! Picking this up for sure when it’s released.

Pretty good minesweeper game.

Thanks for the link- tried the demo and I really like it. I’m a sucker for Minesweeper.

Hey, if any of you puzzle game fans following this thread haven’t played SOLAS 128, you should grab it from Humble on sale right now. You won’t be disappointed!

I grabbed Puddle Knights,after reading some very heartfelt recommandations, and now that I spent my evening on it, I can say I al really loving it.

The challenge so far has been inbetween snakebird and snakebird primer: the game sorts puzzles by sublevels with particular mechanics in play, guiding the player a lot more than Snakebird, but offering quite a bit of challenge to me, although overthinking has been my worst enemy so far. I’m happy this is turning to be such a pleasant game.
It can be played with gamepad or keyboard only, another plus. And I love the looks of those aristocrats.

Looks great, thanks for highlighting it.

I’m going to wait for Switch price drop I think - I see in January on eShop it went even cheaper than this Steam deal!

Golem - a cosy puzzle-adventure game and just a tiny bit underrated imho! It didn’t help that there’s another game by the name “Golem” for the PS4, which came out shortly after and is very different. It confused many folks which game is which and reviews in the main aggregators are still all over the place, obviously they found themselves unable to attribute reviews to the right game. Anyway, I’m leaving this here, because it deserves more attention from people that read puzzle game threads :-)

Dr. Kobushi’s Labyrinthine Laboratory is free on itch this week.

Hot damn!

Be warned that GM3 doesn’t have the ‘all pieces available’ mode as an option right now. But the developers said they are adding it in after lots of requests. (The available options are pieces are shown to you that connect to existing, presented in tiers from the outside, or from bottom up). Still very chill and enjoyable though. I particularly like the “Chemistry” shape puzzle pieces.

  • Added Classic Mode which starts with all fragments on the table

Well that was fast.

I meant to say, thanks for the tip on this one!

Ha! Bought GM3 at launch and am already into it. Have to space out completing puzzles because it can go by quick otherwise. Love that there are different game modes, and dropping the weird text stories was probably a good choice.

Loved the 1st 2, will be grabbing this one as well

So happy they tossed classic mode back into GM3. It was way too easy without just having all the pieces there from the start. I still find the puzzles much easier, though, but I think that’s because the piece face isn’t hidden and I can just choose the ones I want based on colour or pattern. Is that an option to have the pieces flipped so you can’t see what they are, just their shape?