The Raid

'nuff said.

— Alan

Wow, that was bad ass. When is it being released?!

OK, I’m going.

That is pretty awesome. When is that coming out? I want to see that.

The release is Jan 2012 for Indonesia so it will probably be awhile till it gets shown outside :(

I don’t care for the pyrotechnic/CGI gunplay but it looks like it has enough of everything else to make up for it. Sold!


I wonder if this is the kind of awesome trailer that shows every single cool part of the movie, leaving only hours of tedious acting and plot machinations to sit through? Or is it the kind of awesome trailer that only hints at what other awesome awesomeness there is to see?

Looking forward to it! I’ve watched the trailer at least five times now.

I’d guess the other way, that the film will be nonstop camera-doesn’t-look-away graphic violence and that you’ll get numb to it in 30 minutes, then fidget through the rest of the movie with occasional novelties interspersed.


I have watched its clips and I will definitely watch it…


Not what I was expecting at all.

That looks great!

I’m off to see a pre-screening of this tomorrow - will report back!

New trailer for American release, with additional new titling:

— Alan

Jaws_au never reported back…booo.

About the title change, it seems there’s 2 more movies planned.

Sorry, busy day!

Well what can I say - this movie is exactly what the trailer at the top of this tread promises. Which for me, meant 101 minutes of awesome. It’s just high level kinetic energy the whole way through pretty much - and I’m not even usually into martial arts movies. What little plot there is doesn’t try to be too clever (which is a plus with a subtitled movie) and just provides a framework for the action.

And the fight set-peices were amazing… and really made it clear that the guys going down were going down good (unlike some martial arts films where bad guys drop dead from a light pat on the head). The “boss fight” did suffer a little from no one actually taking damage, but that’s the only real compliant I can find.

So yes - I had a blast, and was actually gripping the seat at several points. Thumbs up. But as I said at the start, if the trailer wasn’t for you, the movie won’t be either.

US release date is apparently March 23. Not sure if it’s limited or general yet.

— Alan

My god, that first trailer linked was violent. I must have more. I must see this movie.

And I’m not sure what that reaction says about me, a white middle-aged bibliophilic electronic gaming computer nerd who hasn’t been in a fight since the 1980s. But I don’t care. Rewatching the trailer now. . . .

This looks pretty fun and I’m sure I’ll catch it someday but I had to share this awesome quote from Roger Ebert’s one star review.

“Have you noticed how cats and dogs will look at a TV screen on which there are things jumping around? It is to that level of the brain’s reptilian complex that the film appeals.”

LOL. He’s still got it.

Awesome writing as always. “It’s like they’re being ejected by an automatic victim dispenser.”

Funny - I understand his criticism, but the readers are still voting 3.5 stars anyway, and audience rating is 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yeah, that review was a little bit on the dickish side, if you ask me: not only does he poo-poo the whole thing, he does a great job giving away crucial plot twists, which is pretty shitty of him.

I saw this film in theaters earlier this week and it was pretty god-damned good, actually. I mean, it’s very much in a low-budget martial arts movie kind of vein so nobody’s going to mistake it for Renoir’s La Regle du Jou anytime soon but I’ve seen a lot of shitty, shitty “video game violence” movies and this wasn’t it.

Also, although it reminded me a lot of the extend-o violence in Thai films like Ong Bak or Tom Yum Goong (which was released here as The Protector, I think), it was so much better paced and acted. It kinda reminded me of something like Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 or Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers: part of the fun of the film is that it has something like a horror movie vibe running through it to keep you moving from fight to fight, from tense scene to tense scene. I’d argue there’s not any fat on this thing at all.

If you like fight scenes and/or horror films, and you like movies that have at least some sort of thought put into them, you should really catch The Raid: Redemption. It’s not a great film, but it is a good film. It worked really hard to do what it does very well, and it deserves better than that review.