The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??


We have Dave pretending to not know the cards to start the game. Everyone drink!


Smart, quite smart.

Clearly you must be evil to be so clever. Just as Dave must be evil to so quickly open up to the also evil Thraeg. I see this for what it is!

Baseless accusations, clearly evil.*

Which I am making so clearly I am evil!

Also Rowe must be evil because he is Rowe.

I don’t know why the rest of you are evil, but I will find reasons!

*Ah, the early game where we know nothing. I’ve had my fun, I’ll be a bit more serious from here ;)


I’m kinda giving you the fisheye now.


No way dude, I swore off Resistance/Avalon many moons ago. I can’t grasp it.

The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 3 Game Thread

It has been a while. @Dave_Perkins is always evil, right? That’ll make the math easier.


It’s all about the charts, using the right colors and fonts and so on.


I’m certain this was not your intent, but now Rush’s The Camera Eye is playing in my head.

Thought I’d share.


Dave is always evil, Rowe is always evil, Lantz is always Lantz, and I always end up trying to get stabbed, or doing the stabbing.

And by mission three we always are wrong about who is actually evil.


Confirming that Thraeg has open up.


Thraeg, who would you like to open up to?




This time, I’m good!


i have to go afk for about fifty minutes, but I will check back as soon as possible.


Thraeg, if you make a decision PM me and I can step aside for a second, so if you decide don’t hesitate.


When you run these forum games, keep in mind there’s a bit of hurry up and wait that will happen :) You’re in for the long haul.


One of the nice things about the slow pace is that you always have plenty of time to double check that you remember the cards right before trying to play them…


Ok, I don’t really know what I’m doing here. Guess I’ll use it on @Otthegreat.


I’m here, and Good! Will be very suspicious if Dave doesn’t include me on TeamAwesome to start out.
Also suspicious of the Open Up going to Thraeg and the use of it to open up to Ott! Suspicion abounds…


Otthegreat received Thraegs allegiance about ten minutes ago. I had time to tell him but now to post, sorry. In any case, Dave, you may begin to distribute cards, or wait for Ott’s report.


@Dave_Perkins, are you waiting for Ott’s declaration? If so, please page him or I will, if not, please distribute No Confidence and Keeping a Close Eye on You.