The Restaurant

Another reality show dressed up as a food programme, but still not bad for all that. Raymond Blanc does the apprentice basically. The winners get to start a restaurant with mssr Blanc.

8 couples (I think) started out, each were given a site to set up as a restaurant and Ray gives them challenges every week. The three worst restaurants go into a challenge with the worst performer chucked out.

This week, they had to do something creative with eels (live, naturally).

After Hell’s kitchen (doing the rounds again with Marco Pierre this time) and Top Chef I’m a bit guarded about these kind of shows now, but this has started to win me over. The fit, blonde twins on one team has nothing to do with it.

If it crops up on BBC America I think it’s worth a look. Blanc’s a bit less likely to call them cunts, but he doesn’t pull his punches.

Wasn’t there a show very similar to this in the US a few years ago? Something like where they gave people a restaurant or something similar… or maybe it just followed a restaurant.

Oh wait, I realize what I’m describing is totally different. Sorry. Does sound a lot like HK though (either version). How’s the Marco Pierre White version?

— Alan

Off topic, but restaurant is one of those words that I consistently misspell. The other is separate.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

tbh I didn’t really watch it, the whole z-list celebrity format just doesn’t appeal to me.

The UK show could well be a copy of a US format. It is basically the apprentice but with restaurants instead. It’s your usual mix of no-hopers, walter mittys and people vaguely clued up. While not really about the food, does give a pretty interesting insight into running a restaurant 101.

One of them tonight, for example, only had 17 covers but still took over an hour between starter and main course; and then sent the food out cold.

The whole format is quite entertaining and, like hell’s kitchen, re-inforces my belief that while I love cooking and food, I have no place in a professional restaurant.

Off topic, but restaurant is one of those words that I consistently misspell.

Git, you just made me have to go back and re-read every instance of restyrant that I wrote.