The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO

Is anybody else following this? It’s a bit of a ripoff, really, since it’s a compilation of various podcast discussions, but the animation kind of makes up for it (especially in later episodes). Too bad they didn’t try and include some of the hilarious Steve anecdotes from the XFM days, though.

(Also, if you like daft Mancs moaning about everything you’ll be chuffed to learn of the upcoming Karl’s Seven Wonders of the World show.)

I’ve seen one of his shows just yesterday, but the only funny thing about it was that I happened to cruise around in Liberty City waiting for my job interview as a lawyer when I noticed a building I could enter; lo and behold, he was onstage.

The entire situation was funny, Ricky was not.

I’ve really enjoyed the show, though I didn’t catch the original podcasts. I’m half convinced at this point Karl is a complete put on, with and Andy Kaufman-esque commitment to the character.