The Right Stuff - Disney+

Surprised there’s no thread about this. Here’s the trailer, but the first two episodes are available now.

So far it’s exactly what you’d expect. A very good re-telling of the story we’ve seen before. It’s really well made, but my big problem is that, with the exception of John Glenn, all these astronauts look the same to me and I’m having trouble remember who is who.

But it is nice to see a modern take on this tale of a simpler time.

I plan on watching it soon. I just have been busy so far.

Wow, I loved the movie, might have to pick up Disney+ sometime soon.

I liked the first two episodes. Cast is good and solid production values. Dunno how much liberty they are taking with each astronauts personal lives. I’m guessing its been ‘spiced’ up some to make things more interesting.

I’ve been watching HBO’s “From the Earth to the Moon”. It’s super well done, and while it’s 22 years old, the graphics still look great! I’m only halfway through, but so far I highly recommend it.

As far as “simpler time” goes, one thing that really does stand out when watching all this is, it is all about white men. I assume that’s pretty much historically accurate — it certainly is as far as the astronauts go — but as some commentators have pointed out, we’ve seen from other historic movies such as Hidden Figures, there were women and African Americans in NASA from the start. And NASA had female administrators, scientists, doctors, and engineers as early as 1960.

Sorry, I’m just not fond of the phrase “simpler time” when used in this context. I’m sure it was a simpler time if you were a white, Anglo-Saxon male.

Yeah, I thought about my phrasing a bit ago and realized it could lead to this line of thinking, which is fair. It was a simpler time for white men (and to some extent women), but there were whole swaths of America that were hurting and fighting for their rights - not very simple at all.

So far the show hasn’t touched on that. It’s based on the same book as the movie, though, so I imagine it’s not in the cards, which is a shame.

“From the Earth to the Moon” kind of does, there’s one episode where it shows the whole country going completely off the rails in 1968 with the Martin Luther King and RFK assassinations, rioting in the streets, and then at the end, Apollo 8 with the first orbit of the moon by human beings gives the country something to celebrate and bring people together.

As an ignorant German I actually don’t know who will go to space and I refrain from googling it. First two episodes where good, looking forward to the next. I gather it’s also on a weekly schedule?

“The Right Stuff” starts to seem like “America First” or “The Great White Hope”–a slogan that does more to illuminate the small-minded thinking of a period than celebrate the people it’s meant to reify.