The serious business of making games

Without question. I wonder how many “Library of Alexandria” sized amounts of data we lose in a week at this point?

On other news:

The studio said that the funding will go towards the service of Sky: Children of Light’s player base, game development, and towards the expansion of its staff.

Thatgamecompany received the $160 million investment from investor group TPG and venture capital firm Sequoia.

Founded in 2006, the company has gone to develop titles such as flOw, Flower, and Journey.

In addition to the funding announcement the studio shared that Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull will join as its principal advisor on creative culture and strategic growth.

CDP suspends selling games in Russia and Belarus.

Wow, that’s a lot of money to throw at those developers. I wonder if they’re assuming a Sony acquisition is likely in the future.

Condemning the “ongoing conflict waged in Ukraine” is weasel wording it, though. Not that humanitarian relief is unwelcome, or that there are legitimate reasons why business would want to not burn bridges, but seriously, this wording makes it sound like both sides are to blame. If only the Ukrainians would surrender, we could get back to selling more games!

@murph if you two are thinking about replaying Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, why not consult 182 posts worth of people replaying it and saying what they think?

We need to bring the Classic Game Club back. It’s not like we ran out of games!

I think their use of the Ukrainian flag at the top would be interpreted as taking that side by Russia, so wonder why they weren’t as direct in their wording.


Yeah, not at all surprised that those folks take the right stand–after all, it isn’t exactly ancient history!

They are too many pages, so here it’s the top 10

#1 Xbox Game Studios
#2 Sony Interactive Entertainment
#3 Humble Games
#4 Activision Blizzard
#5 Bethesda Softworks
#6 Capcom
#7 Bandai Namco
#8 Sega
#9 Electronic Arts
#10 505 Games

Another gaming acquisition! This time a weird one…

Man that is weird. I like the Moby Games site, still use it now and then, but I can’t imagine how you could make any money from it. I wonder why Atari wanted it.

They could shut it down like WataGames did with that Nintendo site they bought.

Totally understood why Amazon acquired IMDB way back. This one, however,… huh.

If you built an IMDB for games and it took off, I’d guess that the traffic stats would give the owner a lot of non-public information about the regional popularity of titles and franchises.

Zombie Atari is weird.

Yeah, I’m looking at their corporate site and it’s wild. “Our core businesses include video games, blockchain, hotels…”

I love a good “schemes” company.

Well, that’s Moby Games fucked.

To the contrary, we have so many more modern games to choose from now. (Remember the only rule on timing for the Classic Game Club was that a game had to have been out for 10 years). Even now when I see a 10 year anniversary for a game, I think “hey, it’s eligible for the Classic game club now”.

The main obstacle is our backlogs. Why would we revisit older classics when we don’t even have time to check out potential new classics? And I don’t have an answer to that one.