The 'show why science is awesome' thread:


In its ability to scare the shit out of me.

I really expected a gun barrel to extend from the front after the cute sideways dog posture and open fire.



Early days, but this seems promising: a pill that lets the doctor know whether you’ve taken it.

Yes, there are privacy concerns, but if used properly it could really help with mental health conditions.


When I tried to make a sleek, headless version of a normal dog, it didn’t work at all.




The contest web site:



A way to go yet before anything commercial would be available, but it looks pretty cool in the lab!


Debated putting this in the What Could Possibly Go Wrong thread, but I prefer to be optimistic. Besides:

So that should limit the potential for super-spiders.


If only someone can implant something in the spiders that takes the carbon out of blood and make it into nanotubes…


But what’s gonna happen when one of these spiders then bites some human. Maybe a teenager, a science-geek or something?


Maybe need a ‘show why science is killing all the cool conspiracies’ thread:



For very small values of lucky.


It’s just at the building block stage, but holy crap, we’re creating alien life (or at least the basis for it) right here on earth!

Some researchers at Scripps, collaborating with a biotech company, decided to just expand the possibilities by adding two more bases that can interact with each other but not any of the four existing bases. To make sure that works, they got rid of the hydrogen bonding entirely; instead, the new bases interact through hydrophobic contacts—they stay stuck together because neither interacts well with the watery environment around them.

It’s easy to draw out the bases’ structures and see that they’d fit into DNA. And it’s possible to show that they work in a test tube. But getting them to work in an organism is a different matter entirely.

So, yeah, we’ve created a new DNA pair which can create proteins. Tinkertoys of the Universe, unite!


The problem is that before we can gengineer a new and improved human, the Earth will be too hot and wet for any life. As we know it, at least.


No real sentience yet (that we know of!) but looks like the tools are now in place for the takeover once Skynet wakes up.


They’re having a laugh, right?


Giant prehistoric penguins!

It could kick my ass, for sure.