The Stand (2020) - CBS All Access - No Book Spoilers

As if King’s original ending in the book wasn’t bad enough, this new series adds a totally unnecessary additional epilogue chapter that is just garbage.

I liked the Epilogue. At first I didn’t understand why they needed anything after the first 9 minutes had ended the series. But then after watching the whole thing, I really like the symmetry of the first episode having Frannie in a cornfield in her dreams, and the last episode having Frannie in a cornfield in real life and also her dreams.

Plus I really like the physicality of that scene with the well. Like, they seem to have used a real well, and a real winch, and actors actually going up and down, and it just gave me an appreciation for this series overall.

I guess in the end, we wind up with good and evil both in the world again after a Captain Trips reset to the human population. The good community starting in good old USA, and the evil community somewhere in Papa New Guinea I guess.

4 episodes in and this is…not good. I gave the first 2 episodes the benefit of the doubt, but now I’m just bored.

I can’t stop comparing to the 1994 miniseries. It’s unbelievable how much better it handled the characters and story.

I just finished this. I didn’t hate it, and I think it’s worth a watch but the 1994 miniseries despite feeling dated was a much better experience even with Molly Ringwald stinking up the place (hey look at me! I’m acting! overacting more like it.)

It seems other than Harold, they gave the rest of the cast short shrift. And the last episode was totally superfluous. I liked the original cast members better (except for Molly Ringwald) and I thought Lloyd was miscast. They didn’t develop Ray enough either so it appears weird that she was one of the folk on the walk at the end. I also thought Larry was underdeveloped we didn’t get to appreciate his arc of selfish self absorbed druggie to a good guy. Part of that can be attributed to all the time jumps which absolutely impacted the quality of this outing. I also thought the relationship between Nick and Tom also wasn’t given due attention, and Stu just showing up at the end with a cane also didn’t sit well with me because it really gave Tom short shrift too, this was his moment to shine.

The actor playing Harold, did a great job though. I was genuinely creeped out by him and that smile. I’m still shuddering. Exactly how I imagined an incel to be. I could see him as a school shooter which was said by one of the bullies in the first ep. I think he was an incel in the book too but we didn’t have that word in nineties.

So, TLDR, not as bad as everyone is saying, but the 1994 version is a better experience.