The Steam Controller - Valve's answer to the Xbox controller on PC

I think it’s about time we had a proper thread for this.

Here’s the new trailer:

Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind.

A limited quantity of orders will be shipped October 16th, weeks in advance of our official launch. Pre-order now and be among Steam Hardware’s first wave of users.

Edit: $50, comes with USB wireless dongle, you supply the micro-USB cable if you want wired mode. 2 x AA batteries.

Demo looks pretty impressive. I look forward to the impressions from early adopters.

Neat, when you check out via the website it asks if you want to “install your new games”, and the confirmation email says “The items have been added to your Steam Library.” Guess Steam isn’t quite setup for physical delivery yet.

My thumb already sore looking at that trackpad, but I appreciate the solution.

€55 here, ouch.

Oh, the Steam Link is now open for pre-orders as well.

Huh, I’ve been looking to add another controller to the PC (currently have a 360 pad) for some co-op gaming, I wonder if this and my current pad world would well together…

Ok that video was great. I was already sold, now even more so.

I’ve been waiting to try this out for a long time. I know they’ve gotten a lot of flak, but I always find myself raising my hand when someone rhetorically asks “who is this for, exactly?”.

Pre-ordered it, now I just have to wait for several months for it to ship. :)

If the trackpad really works as advertised then it’s for everyone. It will revolutionize the fps on consoles.

Never going to happen. Microsoft and Nintendo will always lock in their customers with proprietary console hardware, including the controllers.

Sony will be more open, but sticks won’t go away just based on inertia.

Hell, they couldn’t fully get away from them on the Steam Controller.

Uh? I vaguely remember reading about custom x360 gamepads that came with increased sensitivity and people used them on x360 consoles for fps games.

And Sony and Microsoft can lock their hardware all they want, as long as they adopt the concept. And if it turns out to be good, they will.

There are cheating devices like the XIM4 that allow you to use a mouse+keyboard on consoles, if that interests you. I would certainly buy one if I had a console and wanted to dominate.

Any official third-party 360/Xbox One controllers you see sold in stores are licensed through MS. They have to pay a fee to use the proprietary wireless software. Obviously, you can find unofficial stuff out there, but buyer beware.

And sure, the Steam Controller concept may be a gigantic hit. It may be the best thing ever in FPS control. I just don’t see MS or Sony adopting Valve’s tech.

If it’s a stand-out success, I could see MS and Sony making their own gamepads with trackpads, certainly. Othwrwise, they won’t allow Valve’s hardware to run without a license fee.

I used this at Pax East quite a bit at the Alienware booth and I hate it. The trackpad doesn’t work as advertised. It’s twitchy, awkward, and hyper sensitive. If you want to turn your guy around you have to like swipe swipe swipe oh I over shot it I’m dead.

They had 2 FPS games set up to demo. One was some puzzle game so reaction times and precision barely mattered, the other was a Zombie game, Dying Light I think. I have played FPSs on consoles and PCs, and I could not for the life of me even manage to kill one zombie. My guy was flipping and spazzing around like he was having a seizure, trying to aim my weapon with that stupid track pad.

I hate track pads on laptops too so maybe it’s just me.

Surely the user can configure things like sensitivity and such.

Yes, it is extremely configurable. Most people said they got the hang of it after an hour or so, but never really approached the level of precision from a mouse+keyboard.

I have some of Wallapuctus’ worries. I hate track pads too and I am in wait and see mode anticipating some real player feedback when these are in the wild. Plus I have no burning desire to set up some PC option in my living room.


…and that’s my reason for saying my thumb would be sore (I’ve tried FPS with my laptops trackpad). I wonder if I can stick my 360 wireless dongle into the Steam Link device?

The Steam Link option may be for you then? It’s like a Roku sized box.