The "superman must be total crap" theory

which is totally unrelated to the “all movie/superhero related games are total crap” corollary or clark kents law (all superman games must suck).

but seriously, this game is supposed to be coming out in two months and no one has seen the actual game? did I miss a preview or something?

No idea… what I’m wondering is how you managed to get a question mark and a couple of quotations in there without pressing your shift key. ( oh and brackets too )

because I feel capitalization is an opression forced upon the proletariats by the oligarchy?

Well fair enough… so what’s this Superman stuff you’re talking about? I haven’t heard shit about a game being made.

And yet you feel you must proclaim your identity by capitalising ‘I’.

And yet you feel you must proclaim your identity by capitalising ‘I’.

it helps me move the movement that much more powerfully

Even if you had, you wouldn’t have heard much, only a teaser “target” trailer has been released. For the sum of all media:

It has a release date of late june to go with the movie. I assume we’ll see something at E3, but still, NO real time gameplay for anyone until two months before?

Last I heard about it was a preview in Game Informer, the game sounds good but I’ve actually played the last 2 superman games so I’m abit skeptic .

That…was a pretty good save.

Son of Superman 64?

They already made one, the superman game for xbox. I’m not really sure which one had the worse controls. Trying to attack something in the xbox one was a pain in the ass.

Well, you knew they were making one. Any actiony movie has a video game attached to it, especially one about super heroes.

I’m not positive, but I suspect Superman will always be a crappy video game license. The guy is invulnerable and super strong…what can you really do with that in a video game?

From what I read in the preview, if you let too much of the city get destroyed in a mission, then he becomes depressed or something and loses the will to fight meaning mission failure.

There were a couple in-game shots floating around from the 360 version which were…a little underwhelming to put it kindly.

If it doesn’t have a mini-game where i can be a drunk, angry superman launching bar peanuts at bottles of booze I don’t want it.

I’ll get it if I can fly to the fortress of solitude and talk to the guy in the crystal (superman’s dad) and learn about krypton. I’d also like to be able to shake that bottle with the miniature city in it and hear all the people screaming, cars crashing, buildings toppling, etc.

none of the screens released were in game, unless you saw some I didn’t, but I saw some that were being called in game, but were obviously only taken from the target trailer.

It’s done by the Madden guys- sadly was hoping it was done by the Spidey guys.

…and it’s delayed until fall.

During today’s financial conference call to address Electronic Arts’ latest numbers (you can listen to the replay at EA’s web site), company execs announced delays in two upcoming games. Superman Returns, the upcoming super hero action game based on the forthcoming movie, will no longer be released in June in conjuction with the movie’s release in theaters. The new release date for the game is this fall, around the time the movie is likely to be released on DVD. Also Medal of Honor: Airborne, the latest game in EA’s WWII shooter series, will miss its scheduled fall 2006 release date and will now be released in the first quarter of 2007.

Somebody resuscitate jpinard.