The temporary thread for Slay the Spire daily score comparisons until something more elegant comes along


I’m not sure when I’ll learn that I can’t press my luck so much and choose to upgrade a card instead of rest. I died on the first level with a score of 109. I replayed it and rested more and made it to the 3rd area with a score of 400+. I just love upgrading cards so much it clouds my judgement.


This was a good run, but could not get block or poison draws on the third level boss.


Terrible here. The 50 cards mod is one of those I dislike the most, and combined with the uninspired deck provided this time, I was agonizing for it to end. Thankfully, it happened pretty quickly.


I finally had a decent run. For once I was able to make good use of the artifact that gives +1 action point when at full health.


Decent run, but couldn’t take the victory. I meant to rest before the fight, but Dug for a relic instead, so being down all that extra health really hurt. Stupid Shovel. :)


Goddammit. I die to that snake lady mini-boss every time lately.


Mauled by birds on level two.


Not a good run today. I couldn’t avoid damage.


I cheated, and after reading the comments, yet dying once, and I started over and picked the Apparition deal (is there a more important decision anywhere in the game than accepting and rejecting this deal?). Accepting it was the right choice, as I think there is no hope of surviving Scott’s snake lady friend otherwise.

Deck was super fun to play. Crazy autofeeding loops of orbs and powers, yet with the tension of having the right defense up in time or not.


Today’s run was crazy overpowered. A total change of pace from the last couple of days.

Scouring through my deck with all those Seek+ was very time consuming, but nothing was surviving the first turn.


I had a lot of fun with this run myself, though while I pulled a victory I didn’t get near your numbers!


The Defect has so many broken combos with modifiers, very fun.


Wow there are some crazy combos in that daily. I wasn’t going to play it today but you guys seemed to have a lot of fun with this one.

@Left_Empty how do you get such a high score? I thought my score was going to be higher than it was. You don’t happen to have a screenshot of your score screen do you, the one that breaks down the points?


There are so many mods, and I hardly ever paid attention to anything, so I have no idea!
I think fighting a lot and not being hurt is a sure way to rack up points, but beyond that…


I have one.


Thanks. I’m going to need to start keep track of the different things that give points. Too many I don’t pay attention to.


Fighting as many Elites as you can seem to be a big one, especially after the 1st floor.


Bleh, That sucked.


This was my first draft run. How efficient a deck can be if you’re not held down by all those starter cards.


I don’t like the blind draft. Blind choices, but too many choices at once. I much prefer the variation where you are shown what all the cards would be.
So I went for a Clashing deck, and then Dual Wield showed up! and I regretted adding all those silly cards and not going in the crazy “Finishers powered by Bullet Time” duplication machine.