The Thieves (2012) - The best Korean heist movie that you will see ten years ago

This weekend I had a chance to see The Thieves. It was good! There’s a trailer:

but the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. There’s neat actors, neat characters, intrigue, romance, comedy, action, tons of deceptions and twists, great stunts, and beautiful scenes of Korea & Hong Kong & Macao. The movie was also neat to me since it has this sort of cultural melange of Korean/Chinese/Japanese/English, and a number of minor scenes hinge on one person knowing or not-knowing one of these languages. Overall it’s just a super-solid, super-dense 2 hours of entertainment.

Hey it’s my sassy girl

She did have extremely high levels of sass in this movie.

Currently on Hoopla and Prime Video. Hmmm, I happen to have Prime until mid-February. Thanks for the heads up, I hope I can fit it in.

It’s on my watch list, why not? Thanks for the recommendation.

I watched this back in 2012. I thought it was decent but nothing extraordinary. I honesity remember nothing about it though so…

If it turns out that I have really basic tastes, please nobody tell me.