The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


“Frankly, the lawsuit alone is reason enough not to buy this game.” Perfectly valid opinion

“But it’s also a rather poor entry in the Star Control franchise” Perfectly valid opinion

"Avoid.” Perfectly valid recommendation.

Here is what you said 2 days ago:
“I think it might be worth mentioning to potential customers that the publisher is involved in an ongoing legal dispute with the original creators, and that money you give to Stardock will be used in part to pay their legal bills. I assume that’s relevant, even though I know a lot of people won’t care about it at all”

So you went and played the game for 1.4 hours and then stuck your dagger in. You act like you gave the game a fair shake but it just disappointed you. Maybe you did. It’s impossible to know. It’s clear though that you went into it with substantial bias. Maybe this belongs in the SC 2 Origins thread but I’d hate to pollute that thread with this and you posted your strongly felt opinions about the lawsuit here and talked about reviewing it here.

I think what you did was awful. I think it was a deliberate attempt to hurt stick it to stardock because you disagree with the actions they have taken vis a vis the legal dispute over SC. That’s just my opinion but yeah I think it was petty and it makes me angry.


Agree. Full disclosure I like Brad Wardell as a game maker. I like a lot of folks at Stardock. I just feel… queasy about giving money to a game which may indirectly support or normalise gamergate . I have to look in the eyes my friends and colleagues whose lives have been impacted by it.

My “solution” is a message board post apparently :) But its the best I got.


It’s not impossible to know: I wrote a whole bunch of words. Assume that I’m being genuine and honest – I don’t think I have given anyone cause to think differently. Furthermore, I didn’t play the game for just 1.4 hours – I’ve dipped into it on and off during the beta and played the prelude (or whatever it was called before release), but Steam was offline (due to my VPN) and/or glitched out, so the count isn’t anywhere accurate.

Well, don’t be angry. Honestly, I see no reason why you should be. It’s a 1,400+ word review where I explain, in detail, what I don’t like about the game and why. And hey, after some comments, I even went back and explained what I do like about the game. I strive to be fair: I have myself been at the receiving end of an unfair review, so I know what that feels like.


I’ve always found it mystifying how some people think “having an opinion on a game” is “bias” that should somehow invalidate said opinion.


Nearly everyone commenting on the RPS review said it mattered to them. OTOH, they already knew, but still, it’s as valid a datapoint as any other.
Further than that, for some of them, it’s not just about whatever merits the case has, it’s also about they way Brad decided to fight it in the court of public opinion. It seems to me a casual mention is worthy, just like it is in the other SC. Rest assured, it had no influence on their score.
For many on this thread, he also personally lied to us or omitted just enough to give the wrong impression about the matter or their intentions. Of course we care.


I can’t help but note that your entire contribution to this thread before jumping to attack one of the posters in it has been:

You coming here and assigning malicious intent to someone’s opinion rings a little hollow after this opening. You really have no position to talk about bias when given your opening generalization. If you want to play the “your opinion is invalid because you have an opinion” game, well, you should first disqualify yourself from having any opinion on this thread or the posters in it.


I communicate with Herve all the time. The last time was back in 2016 when he put all the Interplay IP into a bundle, and hired Webush Morgan to flog it for him. Then he refused to sell individual items from the bundle. They’re still not sold. I reached out to him shortly after that bundle; but at that time he had no intentions of separating the bundle. And it’s something that most of us in the biz have now come to realize that for as long as he has been trying to flog them, he only has 2 -3 IP in the bundle that anyone would be remotely interested in. You probably saw my thread on FB as well Fargo’s own thread in which Trent Oster and I were talking about our attempts to buy certain IP from Herve.

Believe me, if Herve was reasonable, I would have bought it as far back as 2010, long before I even continued to work on Line Of Defense.


Yeah, except I’ve made 19 games and millions of Dollars. They’ve made, what, two? Of which the second was a massive flop. Tell me again how you prefer their “sim cred much better”. I’ll wait.


Well that’s a very good clarification. It appears as if we’re both on the same page in some regard, but just wording things differently.

A lot of us were miffed and flabbergasted at the claim that P&L weren’t the creators, but I think a lot is lost in translation. I have reason to believe that Brad was 1) just being mean because that’s what happens when the gloves come off and babies are bitching and throwing out their toys with the bath water 2) looking at it from the standpoint of who funded the properties as being the creator/owner - which of course is pure bs.


You mean aside from the fact that everything you just posted is pure bs?


I’m OK with this.


Appreciate you telling me all that. Let’s me set the proper expectation about any further Freespace games.


Care to point out why Derek? I dont mind anyone disagreeing with me , I just dont see how anything I stated is false. Help me out a little here :)


Really? Are you aware that at the height of that bs, I was the ONLY one who stepped up and dared to brave the elements to go an DEFEND gamers on an SPJ panel with the likes of Milo Yianopoluous? No? Read my blog coverage on it. We even had to brave a bomb threat.

I too wrote at length in defense of the bs that most of were peddling that GamerGate was totally about the harassment of women in gaming, and totally not about ethics in video game journalism. Seemingly overnight most of you - once again - jumped at the opportunity to vilify a large subset of gamers, branded them as harassers just because a group of bad actors in the mix were doing what they do.

So does that mean I too am in “in support of GamerGate” and so I shouldn’t get to do my work? You know that’s bs, right? Hiring Baldwin has ZERO relevance to anything other than a group of you dislike him for supporting a furor that most in the “media” helped to create in order to deflect from the real reason that furor existed in the first place.

Give me a break.


You’re new to the Internet, are you? :)


ALOHAnet or bust.


They made Descent 1 and 2 and 3, and Freespace 1 and 2. Now the band that’s formed Revival has only made one game, that I backed on Kickstarter: Overload. And it is excellent. It’s precisely the Descent 4 that I was looking for.

No offense to your output meant, like I said, but I just prefer their style of games.


Here is the article about the bundle, you can email Joe Morgan at Webush yourself and ask about it.


I have seen first hand the harassment of women colleagues and friends by gamergaters and my ex boss had his flight diverted because of a bomb threat by the gamergate harassers.

That is the fact of the matter. Those things happened and still do happen.


Sorry about that, this forum sucks on mobile.

Do you think the deliberate hiring of someone involved in creating the gamergate harassment campaign is worth noting in a review?

Your post above is what I already responded to in another post where I was basically saying that it’s immaterial. I just happened to respond, didn’t see it posted, then created another longer post which had nothing to do with yours. lol!