The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control

Derek’s error is in flaunting his backchannel knowledge when instead he should realize the situation is fluid enough and his knowledge incomplete enough that he should just keep his mouth shut or he’s going to look like a fool. It’s not an error of fact, it’s an error of judgment.

So much Derek love here. :D

Has anyone here had mead? I had it at Spielessen once. I enjoyed it. Overpriced though, but that is probably down to the venue.

Some friends and I dabbled in zymurgy back in college and one of them made a mead which came out pretty good. I was also in Boulder Colorado not long ago and visited Redstone Meadery which had a few varieties and was quite nice overall without being terribly overpriced.

Mead is rather expensive compared to beer because honey is a lot more expensive than grains or extracts used to make beer. For homebrewing a 5 gallon batch is typical (5 gallons being the starting volume, you end up with less at bottling time). For a five gallon batch of mead you need 15 pounds of honey (typically, more of less can be used depending on the desired strength of the mead), which is around 1&1/4-1&1/2 gallons of honey.

Good to see the arguments in this thread will keep going long after the case is finished.

Except for the part where I wasn’t flaunting anything.

I hadn’t even posted in this thread for several weeks. Suddenly I appear. And there’s a settlement a day later; after what I already knew led me to believe there would be no settlement. Yeah, OK - that was totally a coincidence, amiright?

I mean, it’s not as if I came here after @peterb got wind of the PACER filings and posted them.

Not that I care either way, but it’s fun watching you guys tie yourselves in knots over a non-issue. So, by all means, do carry on.

Yeah, the Brad-haters are just trying to pile on me (the one person who doesn’t give a sh*t either way) because I was siding with him, and because we’re friends.

This is really a pointless argument. Is it maybe time to close this thread, given that the underlying transaction has been resolved?

I’d say to keep it open a bit longer to let the fallout settle. It’ll eventually go idle once there’s no new news.


If people don’t care about a thread anymore they obviously can move on. And if it annoys them for whatever reason they can mute it.

I don’t see any reason to close this thread or any other one that is not specifically causing systemic issues like sometimes can happen over in P&R or whatever.

I am pretty sure that there will be more to follow that I would like to discuss that would belong here instead of the other SC: Origins thread or the new thread for whatever P&F’s game ends up being titled.

There is no reason for this thread to be closed.

There had been discussion in the thread about a settlement (based on documentary proof about actual progress in the talks) for two weeks. Then you appeared, crapped out a “no settlement, fake news” post, and then there’s a settlement the next day. Of course that’s not coincidence. That was other people being informed, while you, the supposed confidante of the gaming industry being in the dark and totally ignorant.

Uh… Actually it is exactly like that… The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


Not relevant

Yeah, nice try Jesse.

Which has nothing to do with the settlement filing that came after - and which I was talking about. Nice try though.

I like Brad a lot and consider him a friend. So I think you’re off on your assessment here. I mean big deal - so you were wrong on something. Why care so much? Your life isn’t on the line for this. People get incomplete or late info all the time which makes a prediction they have off. Once again, no biggie. “Hey I got that wrong, I’m glad because this issue got settle, and we can move on”.

Can someone set the Dr Derek Smart timer to something longer than four days?

lol just take the L

The discussion isn’t about being “wrong” though. Anyone who knows me enough, knows that I’m all about the lols, and being right|wrong on the Internet isn’t my thing.

Just because one tries to correct the record while stating facts, doesn’t mean they’re fighting a “wrong”. And if you look at the topic flow, you’d see that I didn’t even start it. Someone made a factually incorrect statement, which I then chose to dispute and correct. That’s what discussions are for and about.

The irony of Derek typing the words “factually incorrect statement” in this thread is hilarious…