The Truth about popcorn smoke

Time to ban popcorn machines from theatres.

There’s just nothing good left.

After reading the article my understanding is that there is nothing wrong with movie theater popcorn exhaust fumes. They use real butter or margarine topping there, with plain popcorn. It’s the artificial butter topping in butter flavoured microwavable popcorn that causes the issue.

Actually, that butter smell is exactly what diacetyl is. You get it naturally from butter and also beer fermentation. It’s only toxic if you breathe tons of it every day; really, do you need that much “butter” flavor on your empty calories? Ick.

Rose said the ailing patient, a man whom she wouldn’t identify, consumed “several bags of extra butter flavored microwave popcorn” every day for several years.

And to think, popcorn lung was his only ailment.

What? Theaters haven’t used real butter on popcorn for years. Unless that was reversed at some point.

Number two on this this claims to be the most popular. I had heard before that butter was no good as it goes rancid and smells bad, whereas a butter-flavoured oil is needed that doesn’t smell bad when rancid.

Mmmmmmm… rancid butter-flavored oil.

That’s true, but that’s not why theaters stopped using it.

POPCORN LUNG. Give me a fucking break.

It’s just one doctor making the claim, a pulmonary specialist from the National Jewish Medical and Research Center of Denver. Did you know that the NJMRC receives regular funding from the powerful hot nacho cheese sauce lobby? Follow the money, that’s all I’m saying…

No no, the NJMRC is backed by the Matzo Ball Mafia, trying to distract attention from the dreaded Matzo Ball Bloat. Too many matzo balls and your, well, balls will swell.

Though seriously, people have died from popcorn lung, and it WASN’T A FUCKING JOKE TO THEM NOW WAS IT? Don’t ever work in a microwave popcorn factory, kids. Orville Redenbacher knew, and they KILLED HIM TO KEEP THE SECRET. And then they revived him by immersing him in rancid butter-flavored oil and made him DANCE ON TV like a HORRID UNDEAD PUPPET, all just to sell MORE TOXIC POPCORN.



I smoke two bags a day… I just can’t quit!

For example:

“Several” bags of microwave popcorn a day. Yes, that’s going to cause problems. HURRRRR


I read something in my campus newspaper that the four major brands are phasing diacetyl out. Is this the case, or does no one care about this anymore?

I’ll have you know that I only eat kosher popcorn, despite criticism that the corn stalks suffer unduly when harvested.