The US-Iran War. Jan 2020-20??

So Iran just launched SSMs (long range ballistic missles at US bases in Iraq. Pentagon “still assessing the damage”.

This is in retaliation to the President of the US assassinating a high ranking Iran general they had lured to Iraq.

So, we are in what looks like the early stages of a war with Iran.

I think it’s a little early to give it an official name (I hope). I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. I don’t see the US getting anything positive out of it. US troops will me hated more than ever in the mid East, it will be bad for Trump’s polls (well, I guess that is a good outcome) and the Iran regime will have more public support than ever from its citizens.

DJIA futures just tanked hard.

Also here:

Iran: Revolutionary Guard Agency: At least 30 American soldiers were wounded in the missile strike on American forces in Iraq

(it should be noted Al-Mayadeen is a pan-Arabist news agency from Lebanon)

Can’t trust numbers from Iran. Equally can’t trust numbers from our own government.

Totally agreed - could very well be zero.

I find it hard to believe that Iran could know any numbers. I suspect the total will be a lot lower than that, perhaps only a few wounded from concussion injuries or flying glass, things like that.

I am sure Iran had friendly malitia watching the base maybe even inside it.

Could be a hundred. Point is, this administration will cheerfully lie directly to our faces. No news is trustworthy.

Sad, but true. I only posted it because it’s the first report from any “authority” of numbers, but I do sincerely doubt its veracity.

Richard Engel is in Erbil and reported that he heard two mild explosions, but could not find any damage around the city. The base to the south is reported to have taken the brunt of the attack.

It is unfortunate that Iran is attacking Iraq, our 51st state.

This appears – so far – to be a popgun response. It certainly seems like the Iranians “responded” as they felt they must, but without doing any significant damage. They’ll propagandize otherwise, of course, but this could be their own signal that they’re willing to stand this thing down if the US is willing as well. For now.

Of course they want to stand down. Nobody in Iran really wants to get into a full blown war with the US. The real question is if Trump will take this off ramp to peace. I honestly have no idea.