The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


I didn’t want to give any clicks to that site, but it sounds like an in-the-tank-anti-vaxx site. Is that right? If so, it just reinforces how idiotic this is.


I admittedly didn’t look around too long, but yes. The Vaccine Reaction seems to be staunchly and crazily anti-vax.


Well, dogs can be “slow” and have various other mental/cognitive issues, just like any creature with a brain, AFAIK. That doesn’t mean they have “autism”, and it certainly doesn’t mean their problems were caused by vaccines.


Your pictures are required in the Post Your Pet Thread.


Well yeah. Not sure who you are trying to convince. I’ve never heard of autism for pets until this was posted.


Intellectual checkmate libs.


Some dogs are just dumb.


Wait, are pet vaccines not mandatory in the US? I can understand the ethical dilemma of mandatory human vaccines (in the abstract, I support they being mandatory), but pets?? That can be a serious public health issue…


Generally, many vaccines (like rabies) are mandatory, and you get tags your pet wears showing their vaccination dates.

But for indoor pets, that never go out in public, there’s little way anyone could know if they didn’t get vaccinated.

Another category would be pets in rural areas, where there is not municipal animal control.

For indoor pets, like my cats, they out could do fine without vaccinations, since they would likely never encounter other cats, and thus didn’t really get exposed. But, you never know, so I got them vaccinated anyway.


My shi-tzu Max is nicknamed Dopey Dog. He is really slow.


It’s regulated at a … state level I believe. in OR you are required to vaccinate your dogs against rabies. They get you to do this by a licensing system where they will withhold the license if you cannot prove vaccination. Around here, we’ve actually had police officers go door to door and check if the dog is licensed and ticket if it’s not. There were a few unhappy parents a number of years back because their children told the police officers they had dogs so when they came back and the parents lied, they were caught and fined.

In OR, you do not have to license cats though. They’re basically considered rodents so you can poison and shoot them and occasionally this is an issue.

In WA, you had to license both cats and dogs.


Yeah here you have to vaccinate dogs for rabies and get them registered.

Other animals are fine unless they bite someone or something, then if you don’t have paperwork proving their vaccinated they’ll be quarantined and probably euthanized.


Yeah if they can’t verify the animal doesn’t have rabies, they will probably wind up killing it to find out to avoid giving the patient a series of really painful shots.


Yeah the test requires brain tissue from the suspect animal.


You never fed your child motor oil, so why would you ever put some in your car?


Rabies vaccination is required in every state in the United States. Some states (about 15 I think) allow a medical exemption for dogs too infirm to be vaccinated, but there would be restrictions placed on such an animal. Thanks to this, 98% of rabies cases each year are found in wild animals, not domestic pets.

People who don’t get their pet vaccinated don’t know how horrific the disease is. Autism, if it existed in dogs, would be a comparable blessing.


This is a common problem with the anti-vax group… they haven’t seen what these diseases can do. We’ve been so sheltered, privileged… read lucky for years not to encounter these and now these ignorant asses are bringing these problems back. They don’t understand these diseases enough to fear them.


I really hate these people. It’s one thing for a preventable disease outbreak to occur due to some mutation, natural disaster, or just plain bad luck. It is another to risk collapsing the current progress to eradication because you’re a fucking nitwit.

To hell with them, the lot of them. Load them up on a barge and sail it into the middle of the ocean.


And then shell the barge with battleships, otherwise they might make land someplace.


We could just let the marketplace of ideas test out their plan. Put them all in their own neighborhood and school zone. Call it something catchy like Quarantinia. Build a wall. Etc.