The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


This is one of those things where my gentle progressiveness hits a solid wall.

I went through a scare where my infant son was at risk, displaying plenty of symptoms, but didn’t end up getting the disease. Thank goodness. But those two weeks weren’t a single bit of fun, while I was waiting for him to get better…or not. Because those are your options, more or less.

Fuck you, anti-vaxxers. If you’re ignorant, get educated. If you’re not, well. Exile is the kindest sentence I would pronounce, were I God-Emperor. Which should be right around the corner.


I disliked these idiots before and always. Then I had kids.

Now I’m not saying spreading anti-vax bunk should be a capital crime, but I’m not not saying that. Were someone whose kid died due to one of these outbreaks to go and beat the hell out of Jenny McCarthy? I’d chip in for their lawyer.


Well fuck you, PETA.

Dairy causes autism? Really?


PETA causes autism. Or at least an autism-like condition.



One study of 20 children found a major reduction in autistic behavior in kids who were put on a casein-free diet (casein is a component of cow’s milk).

Is there some alternate science universe where 20 kids constitutes a study?


Somehow today I’m getting all these Facebook shares about the dangers and deaths that Gardasil causes.


How did this PETA story from 2014 come up again?


Popped up on a news feed I had subscribed to. I didn’t check the date, but it did pop up as if it were new info. My bad.


Interesting. I’m not criticizing you. I was genuinely curious why this story popped up again. I assumed it was some kind of viral thing.

I’m fascinated by how social media circles back on itself every now and again on some subjects.


It’s likely that it’s my mistake though, I was clicking through stuff and it just may have linked back to an old article. I can’t find it now.


I found a Weekly Standard story from yesterday that mentions it, so I don’t think it was just you.


PETA’s stupidity and hypocrisy is timeless.


Effing Tennessee Republicans:


“I believe vaccines might cause autism. We better expose our children to measles instead!”

These nuts never cease to amaze me.


I can understand some of the nuts, however, the people who vote for these nuts and put them into office are even worse.


Ugh, and the dude’s a medical doctor. Upshot is that he might actually do less damage in congress than practicing medicine.


I wish the guy would get polio, but he was of course vaccinated against it, because his parents weren’t idiots about vaccines.


The only way I can understand these people is they are so sheltered that they have no concept of what these diseases are like, what they do to people and what it was like prior to the vaccines. We’re so used to living in a vaccinated world that the visual affirmation of yes, these are horrific experiences and diseases has been replaced with everything’s fine so this is just another government overreach… of course everything seems fine because we have been dealing with a mostly vaccinated populace.


Ever wonder why doctors who become congress critters are usually Republicans? It’s because they don’t really like helping people or caring for them. I’d also like to tell dumbfuck Mark Green the U.S. CDC is not the only major organization to have studies that prove there is no vaccine/autism link. But you’d have to actually care about medicine to know.