The Viceroy - SF Oddball 4X

I’m starting a new thread because I see a huge learning curve, and inadequate documentation. Reading the docs twice didn’t begin to prepare me for my first game. I think I’m going to have to print them out and have them open in front of me in order to understand each screen.

Hey Brian -

How do you purchase tech? I had a Tech Capacity of 31.5 and the tech was only supposed to cost 5, but I couldn’t find a way to actually purchase it.

It LOOKS like you can only purchase tech that’s connected to tech you already have access to. I think. I basically clicked around until I found one properly highlighted so I could purchase it.

I’m so tempted to buy this solely on the basis of how fascinating it looks, but think I need some more impressions to tip me over the edge.

I feel the same way, since it looks to me as this is one of the rare games trying to do something different in the space 4X genre.

Great. How do you navigate to tech you have access to?

First Star Ruler 2, now this. It looks like devs are taking some chances making different takes on the 4X genre. I’m also curious to see what people say about this one. Sounds like the learning curve may be even tougher than Star Ruler 2!

Based on my admittedly limited experience, I’m not sure I’d even classify this as a 4X game. There’s no exploration or real diplomacy to speak of, and while there seems to be some combat in the form of rebels, you aren’t expanding through the galaxy by taking over planets. From what I can tell, the game consists of solving a 9-part quest through building up infrastructure and acquiring techs to generate as much influence as you can. You then spend that influence on upgrading skills and stats, and start all over again in the next sector.

There are other factions but they exist only to give you 9 more side-quests, which, when completed, unlocks some super-duper piece of tech.

I think there may be a gem of a game here, but the learning curve is tough.

Scroll around while holding down the LMB IIRC.


While we like complex systems and therefore wanted to design one, we are realizing we might have gotten a little carried away in our love of micro-management!

A word to the wise: the only save system is Iron Man mode. I don’t know how often it auto-saves, but I saved my game because I wanted to see what a certain button did. When I came back to my game after quitting, I found I had over-written the save point I wanted to keep and was hosed.

No biggy, since I’m still learning, but it would have been nice to see it documented somewhere.

Of course I had to pick this up :)

How do you move only part of a stack of population to a specialized role? so far i can only move the whole stack or none at all.

Not being able to play it anytime soon due to backlist and life, I’m tempted to pick it up just to support development of such a weird 4x game :).

You mean those little portraits in a row? You should be able to drag each one individually.

So I started another game, this time with the manual in front of me, and I think I’m beginning to get it in a general sense. I’m not sure I understand how moving pops from one role to another affects the game, and it doesn’t help that you don’t see the changes until you’ve committed and hit the “next turn” button. Also there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell which system/planet/district actually needs a project built there in order to “solve” a challenge other than to click on each one and wait for the icon to appear in the menu.

That’s not a problem with systems and planets, but when you’re dealing with 100 districts, and only 20 of them require the project, that’s a lot of clicking.

I think I’m liking this, but to be clear - this is definitely NOT a 4X game as we know them.

Having spent part of last night and this morning with the game and the manual and finally coming to grips with the various systems, I finally figured out the genre to which The Viceroy belongs - It’s the best Former Soviet Union Mid-Level Bureaucrat Simulator Set In Space (with some RPG elements) on the market today…

But I guess 4X is more marketable.


I meant if one of those cards were 40 people but i wanted only 20… so far i can only drag and drop the card with all 40.

I’m spent last night figuring it out and I’m going to keep plugging away on my sector. I’m having a hard time getting Misery to let up but I guess it takes time.

I think I figured out that production ind/bio/cult is only for economy and it doesn’t seem to make any sense specializing production until there’s a specialty multiplier greater than 1… right? Otherwise if I move them from unspecialized to specialized then I am missing out on their production in the other 2 areas. So in early game so far I don’t see a real reason to specialize. Unless the particular planet base rate is for example 3 in culture versus 1 in industry, I suppose.

If you’re looking at the overview (Star/planet), then you’re moving entire categories of people for all districts. If you click into individual districts you can do individual assignments.

Brian -

Still playing?

I pretty much have gotten my head around how all the systems work, and I’m liking it quite a lot except for 2 things:

  1. Applying Cures at the District level is a lot of busywork and clicking. I’ve suggested to the developer that an automation option be added to let the AI do it.

  2. Combat flat out sucks. I’ve taken to auto-resolving everything. Fortunately it’s not a combat-centric game.

I’ve also got a good grip on this and am playing it daily. I like it too. The right-click auto placement in the last patch is step in the right direction. Some kind of auto-placement across multiple districts is essential though.

I’m still a little grey around the economy. Let me know if I got this right… unless a district has a high base production and multipliers it makes no sense to specialize workers… ? Is specializing more of a mid to late game thing?