The war on marijuana


Pretty sure that urinating in public is a crime. Sessions wouldn’t want you to do that.


It also says, in the good book, that thou shall not engage in any penile activity between a man and another man.

The fire is just a test of Sessions commitment to obey that precept, and not give in to fleshy desires in a moment of weakness. So Rich, be a good man and do not condemn the estimable Jeff Sessions to hell for engaging in homosexual acts like that. It is against his religion.


You know, I feel like the only positive highlight here is that he’s preventing the pendulum from swinging. So he rolled back the, “eventual legalization as pushed from individual states,” and has doubled down on the same failing policies we’ve had for years. When Sessions is gone, there is going to be a hard shift back in the other direction, perhaps even full federal legalization, if not at least moving from Schedule I all the way to IV or V.

And as Craig just said, if young people can take this issue as a motivation to vote, it can only help things in the long run.


Heavy use interfered with my ability to deal with stress effectively, and eventually I started developing the symptoms of schizophrenia.


So Morgan is not running for Florida governor. He’s pretty fed up with Dems and GOP and is leaving the Democratic party to become an Independent. All the time he’s in the lead anyway. Too bad.


So, are our Cali based posters able to comment on any crazy “future sale here” kind of signs on businesses who will be able to sell recreational pot come January 1st? Apparently the lines were so long to request licensing permits that it caused issues about a month ago.


From what I have heard, the only difference between recreational sales and medical sales in CA is that people with medical cards will not pay sales tax. Which is kinda crappy, as it’s super easy to get a medical card and the state should benefit from that revenue source.

Other than that, Jan 1 it will be totally recreationally legal in CA. This will be the big experiment, we’ll see if it’s reefer madness for the world’s sixth largest economy, or Jimmy Buffet paradise. As for where it’s sold, I imagine the existing dispensaries will have a huge advantage in already being setup and supplied…but CA is easily the most entrepreneurial place I’ve ever been, so I expect a lot of people will want to open shops.



I haven’t heard or seen a peep in the east bay. Which makes me sad.


That is strange. I think they do pay a yearly amount as part of the licensing, and I believe it’s based on sales, so maybe it’s handled by fees versus sales tax, so the business pays versus the consumer (in this case medical recipient.)


Merry Christmas!


Best grandparents ever


That’s going to put a damper on a lot of Christmas cheer, for sure.

“Grandma got run over by a SWAT team …”


AG Sessions is reportedly kicking this off. I’m surprised he waited until 2018.


Sessions needs to chill and maybe smoke a joint.


States rights!
Unless you are doing stuff I don’t like! Then Federal regulation!


No kidding. I’m not a fan of the stuff at all, but wth?


When the AG of the United States is someone who believes Reefer Madness is a documentary, you have to expect some bullshit.

That generation can’t retire or otherwise leave politics quickly enough.



I’m just wondering why our kids and grandkids will be saying that about our generation decades from now.


“I really wish those guys had voted more in 2016; I’m really scared of the radscorpions outside of the settlement!”