The war on marijuana


Come for the racist analysis, stay for the sight of a republican complaining about smoke impinging on his freedom to breathe clean air.


This guy is like the archetype for idiotic old guy who had no idea what he’s talking about.

I love how as soon as he starts talking about black people, you start hearing all the chairs squeak as folks shift uncomfortably in their chairs.


Because of character make-up, wtf is that?


The most racist shit possible, naturally.


Where is the “That’s racist” gif when I need it?



Vermont legislature just passed a bill legalizing recreational use (the first legislator based legalization in the US, rather than a ballot initiatives), the Governor has indicated that he will sign it.

They haven’t worked out the details on sales and taxation yet, so its mostly a legalization of possession for personal consumption and ownership of a couple of plants. A separate commission will work out sales details in the next year.


I live in Indiana. Any day now.


We’re trying again.



Justin Amash introducing legislation that makes sense? Isn’t that the 6th sign of the apocalypse?


We’ve gotta be on like sign number 40 or 50 by now.


Amash is a fairly extreme ideologue, but he’s a libertarian ideologue, and so half of the stuff he supports (most of the stuff regarding government involvement in social issues) is reasonable.

He also highlights how Rand Paul is pretty fake in terms of this kind of stuff.


I am now investing in marijuana futures via Stash. We’ll see how this goes.


Please elaborate.


Stash” just rolled out a mutual fund called “Corporate Cannabis”, which I’ve added to my portfolio. I don’t know too much about it, it’s an “aggressive” risk, but it seems like a good cause.


So… your portfolio has gone off into the weeds?



New best friend?


Hard to believe but I miss Boehner. He was relatively sane and open to working across the aisle. Of course the crazies made that impossible.