The washer and dryer thread


Anyone have experience with these new dryers with flow rate sensors?

Apparently people are burning their houses down with their dryers, because this new LG dryer i have simply will not function unless its vent is completely disconnected from the wall. I’ve tried shorter hoses, longer hoses, i’ve tried adding a trap to the end of the hose, i’ve disconnected the hose from the wall and tried all the variables i can think of, it simply refuses to work correctly. The sensor either shortens the time automatically (to be like 5 minutes) or it detects a clog (ie, “flow sensor”) and cuts off. The only thing that makes it work correctly is to just have it vent everything into the room with no hose connected, covering everything in lint. There’s basically no way to “force” it to work, it either detects the environment it’s looking for or it doesn’t.

The problem probably stems originally from the fact that this is a condominium style home and the dryer vent is angled vertically through the attic and out the roof. It simply refuses to work with that alignment… but it also refuses to work venting into the room with a hose equipped with a lint catch. Only dumping the humid air and lint directly into the room seems to make it work.

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It has a flow rate sensor? Does the sensor have to be adjusted for the length of the vent run?


Sounds like you got a lemon.

Not to steal the thread, but if anyone has advice on this I’d like some too. My washer problem is every third or fourth load comes out smelling like dog. These new front loaders have mold issues according to everything I can read, but I’ve done every remedy available and nothing works. :( Anything that anyone has done to help that isn’t usually suggested online?


I have a front load Samsung that smells fine so far, on year three with it. Every one in awhile I run a hot cycle with just bleach to clean the drum, they also sell cleaners for this, and i take a towel and clean out the rubber seal area… you can see the gunk on there, especially where the here gathers around the two small holes on it.

I often leave the door partially open too when I am done to help it dry faster (not always). I have no idea what’s suggested online.


Yeah we’ve run a cleaner pack through and leave the door open between loads and I clean out the gasket semi-regularly (it does get really gross in there) but nothing seems to help. :(


If you can’t get it work at all (sorry, I have little advice there), then look up lint boxes online. Their smallish buckets/boxes etc that you plug the hose end into that trap the lint (usually in a small pool of water that needs to be regularly changed.

You still get the heat and humidity of course, so it’s not ideal, but at least no lint!


Is it possibly unlevel and retaining water in the washer? That might generate some odour.


It does retain some water (mainly because drain hose water goes back to the washing machine just due to gravity) but I thought that was normal since the normal course of operation for any washing machine cycle involves turning on the drain pump before the cycle begins. You can hear it kick on and a trickle of water hits the drain before the washing cycle starts in earnest.

Maybe I should run a single rinse cycle to “freshen” the standing water after each few loads or when I put the last load of the day into the dryer.


Huh. My LG dryer has the duct clogging sensor and I didn’t even know it. Never had any issues with it. I agree that you likely got a lemon. Or your duct truly is clogged.


Oh you know I actually do have helpful info. My last house was a townhouse had a dryer duct through the ceiling and out the front of the unit. Terrible and I had to vacuum it out every 6 months or so. In fact one time I thought we had a washer leak because of a minor flood in the little utility closet but it was actually just built up moisture in the dryer duct. When I pulled the duct from the wall water gushed out. That’s when I learned how important it was to vac it out every so often.

I bought a 20 foot hose for a standard shop vac and just jammed it up in there from the dryer side and then again from the outside of the house in. Now in my new house the duct run is straight out and about 2 feet long and I have to say that is way better and highly recommended, and I actually used that as a house buying criteria.


Have you cleaned out the filter, that little round thing at the bottom?


Yeah, and the instructions for that have you drain the water out first (or else it goes everywhere) so maybe that’s where I initially learned that some water is retained after coming back down from the drain hose?

I learned about the filter when the washer errored out in a cycle after some time of having it, I think there was a baby sock jammed in there.


I wonder if we’re talking about the same thing. When i removed that round little plastic piece and pull out the hair and stuff, the amount of water I get is enough to wipe up with a towel. Are you saying you have to drain it because it’s a large amount?


Yeah it’s probably a couple cups. It’s very stank too. There’s a special rubber hose for my Samsung model to use to drain it, and it drains a little more that way then if I just pull the filter out without draining first. When I just pull the filter, by the way, some of the water that drains out ends up draining under and a little behind the front of the washer so I couldn’t wipe it with a rag unless I pushed it up under the washing machine.

I’ll double check the leveling just in case you guys are onto something.


Checked the leveling today and it’s perfect. I’d actually assumed that with wobble and whatnot that my washer wouldn’t be the way I left it, but there you go. The “installers” that delivered the unit did a shit job when it was first brought in and I adjusted that thing for a solid 30 minutes to get it right, so I guess it’s good that it’s still like that after a couple years or so. But it would have been nice to have an easy fix at hand. :(

I suppose I should pull out the manual now and make sure it’s supposed to be level and not like 1 degree angled towards the rear or something. So bummed about this. My clothes go in and out of smelling like dog now and I’m very sensitive to smells, so I’m miserable all day if I somehow miss it in the morning rush to get out the door. Usually it ends up being my socks or something and I notice it an hour after arriving at work. It’s very mild and no one has said anything to me, even when I bring up my washer issue, so I think/hope it’s fine.


So my SO complains about my lack of a more current washer and dryer. I have a pair that is at least 10 years old, is very basic, and has never had any issues. You guys are not making me want to upgrade.


The auto-sensing features in these new washer/dryers is what makes the upgrade worth it. The washer knows the correct amount of water to use. The dryer knows when your clothes are dry. You really get spoiled.


This part sounds nice. Some energy savings there for sure. I have a top load washer (I know, old school.) Pretty easy to see the amount of clothing and flip the dial a notch prior to running it. My coworker has a set that talks from one unit to the other, so if you run a small set of clothes of a particular type in the wash, it sets the dryer for those settings accordingly.

I’m sure energy savings should really be my top item to think about though, especially since she runs a lot more through the wash than I do.


Heh, ancient top-load washer and spinner dryer here with no real bells or whistles on either. The dryer doesn’t see much use, since we mostly hang-dry everything but PJs, towels, and cotton underwear.

I thought the whole hang-dry-everything schtick my gf insisted on when we moved in together was nutballs, but goddamn if my clothes don’t last a LOT longer.


Not worth the horrible texture.