The Xbox One X - Project Scorpio lives and I am a dumbass for thinking it would be the Xbox 10 S


So MS is releasing a day1 edition of the XboneX. No big deal, right? Well, no, but gotta say that the packaging looks super-tight.


It does look slick, but I’m not a fan of the Project Scorpio controller, with all black buttons.

When you can create your own Xbox controller through their design lab option, I love all kinds of color options, but I hate the option of changing the face buttons away from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Those are big bright colors that can help someone learn a new controller, more so than the letters used (B,X,A,Y).


That’s the coloration of the Elite controller, which I’m sure I’ll continue to use instead of what’s included with the XBX. But then, I had to check, so it’s clearly not a deal breaker for me.

But yeah, that pleasing color scheme going back to the SNES should not be so easily abandoned.


Hadn’t thought of that, I don’t pay attention to the buttons or colors but it’s useful for playing with my son - I can tell him to hit the yellow button to switch characters in Lego games, for example. But I’ll just let him use one of my old controllers I imagine, so problem solved.


Remember the above pics are only for the cool as hell looking day 1 “Project Scorpio” version of the XboneX. Normal XboneX’s will have a different box, case, and controller.


Preorders apparently going live tomorrow.


After the keynote? 10 pm eastern right?


Is there going to be a must-have exclusive launch title for this thing or just another Halo?


Not even that, all they got this fall is Forza.


Don’t forget 4K Minecraft!!


I think I’ll likely get one of these, and get back on the Xbox trolly.

For me, at this point, it’s about the network.

PSN is just such utter crap compared to XBL, and I’m sick of it. Not even talking about performance of the network itself in terms of downloading digital content (which is terrible), but just missing seemingly obvious crap that XBL had ages ago. Like being able to avoid players? How is that not a thing? If some dude is playing from the other side of the planet and is a slideshow of laggy bullshit I don’t want to play with that guy. Psn’s solution to this “check to see if the game offers something.” That’s what it says. It’s a joke.

Or the fact that parties still aren’t fully integrated into anything, so you need to make parties outside of a game, and then another one in the game.

Or their refusal to make a controller with paddles.

Sony is full of shit, and they don’t deserve my money.


Live now, 3pm eastern not 10, derp


Amazon pre-orders went quick. Less than half an hour as far as I could tell.


Yeah, and that’s my preferred vendor since I have a lot of credit accumulated. Hopefully they’ll stock up soon.


Of course they do pre-orders on the day I’m stuck on an island on the Salish Sea that barely has cell coverage.


The pre-orders this time were for the Project Scorpio edition (special case & logo). The clerk at Best Buy was sure that the XBX was not available for pre-order yet until I showed him the page with the different SKU. And then he told me that they could not do pre-orders at the stores anyway. Sigh.

I think the mainstream models will have their own pre-order queues.


Microsoft has said that all pre-orders are actually going to be Project Scorpio editions, despite the fact that some vendors have created different SKUs.

I’m kinda annoyed - they never even went for sale on Amazon Canada as far as I could tell. I was also signed up for alerts and never got one, in any event.


Yeah it’s the day 1 edition, that’s all. Great packaging.


I got an alert from Amazon but didn’t jump on it, and when I did try to check on it a couple hours later they were all gone.


I have always liked Microsoft’s internal naming schemes, and also agree that is a cool name. Seeing “Scorpio” light up in red on the front would be neat, kind of like the machine intimidating you - hehe.