There is a Nick Cave movie. This is not a drill

I am a huge fanboy, so no surprise that I’m stoked, but I absolutely adored this trailer.

From Vice:

When you reach Nick Cave’s level, you don’t really release material so much as call it forth from the grim blackness of your own badass soul. You also do things big, and he’s unveiled the trailer for not only his upcoming album Skeleton Tree but also its accompanying film One More Time with Feeling in one fell swoop.

Hell yes.

If nothing else you just introduced me to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, so thank you for your post because I had never listened to them before now.

Fucking obligatory:

Also obligatory:

Oh man. Nick Cave is amazing. Glad to bring him into another life! ;)

Love that Seussification!

This movie looks suitably gorgeous and intense… presumably the catastrophic, life-altering event he’s alluding to is the death of his 15 year-old son who fell to his death last year.

Yep, just found this NME article. I didn’t realize the boy was on LSD at the time of the accident – how awful. (But I’m relieved it wasn’t suicide.) I also didn’t know the boy had a twin brother which also makes me feel a little better for Nick and his wife Susie. So tragic.

And speaking of obligatory…

I was introduced to Nick Cave with Murder Ballads, in 1996. “O’Malley’s Bar” and “Stagger Lee” blew me away (heh), long before I heard the Kylie Minogue song (“Where the Wild Roses Grow”), which was the hook that got a lot of people to buy the album (and then go WTF?). And the final “Death is Not the End,” with Dylan, is great too. Hell, the whole album is great, if grim and often depressing, but then again, it’s Nick Cave, what do you expect? He’s an artist who can make a whole record about murders and turn it into art.

That is fucking amazing!

Oh man, Murder Ballads is great. Love that whole record, but I absolutely adore the way Cave just chews through the scenery in “The Curse of Millhaven” (the one about the serial killer 15-year-old girl. Which shouldn’t be funny, but the gusto with which he attacks the tune is just brilliant).

I had no idea about his son’s death. How awful. :(

So, I saw this last night- a one-night-only showing before the album is released today. It was interesting, and intense- all filmed on 3D camera that slowly moves through their creative studio in a way that mirrors both the sound of the music and gives a sense of physicality to the creative process. On the other side, It is very personal, with at least a third of the film just direct conversations with Cave and his wife, candidly taking about what they’re going through. It is a really, really slow build, and many times there’s no payoff to it- the songs just end, just when they’re getting to the point of some sort of release- intentional, I’m sure, and I’m very curious if the album will be like that.

All in all, very worth seeing in the big screen if you can (and you’re a fan), and very, very well done (I think it does exactly what it sets out to do), but I’m not sure I need to see it again, at least not any time soon. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts.

Thanks for the impressions.

There is one showing at one theater here in town. I will try to go see it, but movie theaters are a lot more challenging to attend when you have a toddler.